Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Grimmlins at Thanksgiving

We had a lovely day of Thanksgiving with the Grimms and the Roberts on Saturday at Todd and Amelia's home.

This was the theme of the day. And believe it or not, I did not take one picture. Amelia took the ones I am sharing below. I was having too much fun to get out my camera.

Here are my big grands...

Seems we cannot get a picture without bunny ears.  Isn't the fireplace beautiful. Todd did this himself, taking out an old wood burning stove insert that was there.  He is very talented.

Uncle Todd mugging for the camera. Elliott says Uncle Todd can fly Elliott on a Magic Carpet Ride...very high and around and around. None of the other kids like it so

Baylor Man was LOVING the swing.

And the two buddies.....more bunny ears.

I love to see the cousins all together having fun.  I am thankful that Amelia and Todd open-end their home to us for the day!

PS....yall be sure and check your comments awaiting moderation. I checked mine today and found quite a few I had not received notifications for this week. I published them all and I promise to be better about checking this portion of my blog.

Monday, November 19, 2018

In the China Cabinet

I wanted to change up my China Cabinet this Christmas.  I was tired of the same old same old I had done for the last few years.  But I did not have the money to run out and buy new Christmas China.

I had picked up some cute Santa mugs at Dollar Tree and I was on the hunt for four plates that would compliment them.  After visiting several of my favorite stores, I found NOTHING. So I began brain storming. Why not use Paper Plates? From a distance, who could tell the difference.

I found these overlarge paper plates at TJMaxx.  So I leaned each paper plate in front of the china plates. I did not even take the china plates from the cabinet.

I left the crystal in place.

Here is the finished cabinet. I opened the doors to get a better photograph.

I am very pleased with how it turned out and no fuss no muss...less than $10 was spent for my new look.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Stitching Saturday

I have two finishes this week!

I stitched both of these on some fabric that I dyed myself.  The top is one of the Waxing Moon Christmas cottages. I left off the MERRY on the left side. I just did not like the way it looked. I also left off the bunting on the bottom. I will add some trim to that area when I finish it into a pillow. I also ordered some crushed walnut shells to try in my pillow. I will let you know how that turns out.

The design on the bottom is Winter by Lizzie Kate. I will be making it into a pillow as well.

I went by Cross Stitch Peddler to pick up my Hands on Design Order.

I am glad Cathy published a book with all the months of the year included.  I thought I might have to wait to receive a chart each month.

I received my Colour and Cotton order this month and they will be perfect to stitch the Shiny Brite ornaments with even though the colors are more subdued on the chart.  I am trying to use up my speciality threads.

I also found these cute charts.

JBW designs small alphabets. I am sure the motifs will come in handy. I can just see some scissor fobs made with these cute letters.

I kitted up Frosty by Brenda Gervais as well as Bleu Skin by Plum Street Samplers. I am reading, My Dear Hamilton, and I am learning a lot about George Washington and all the founding fathers. I see more patriotic stitches in my future.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Five

1. Whiskey in a Tea Cup

I picked this book up at the local library in the New Books section. Part cook book and part tales of growing up in Nashville, Tennessee.  While Reese grew up in a wealthy family, I saw that all Southern Ladies embrace hospitality. Reese shares that at a young age she learned if you had a guest in your home, you offered them a drink, usually Sweet Tea as well as a nibble of a savory or sweet.  Yes, I can identify with that...Southerners believe in feeding everyone.  My mother always had a sweet of some sort on hand and I rather miss that in my home. If I had a sweet on hand, I would eat it myself. This is just a pretty book and one I think you will enjoy. BTW, instead of describing southern belles as steel magnolias, her grandmother described them as whiskey in a teacup. I would say that is also an apt description of a lot os southern women I know.

2. Getting my Hair Done...

I decided to go back to the long bob after trying layers for a while. Thankfully my hair grows fast!  I learned my lesson and will just leave my hair alone even if I am wanting to try a new style.   This is one I can handle myself although Kudos to Suzanna, my stylist. If I were a millionaire I would go every week for a blow out.

3. The Endless Adventure

My VLOG friend, Suzanne, recommended this You Tube Channel to those of us who prefer traveling by armchair. Eric and Allison are a young couple who were working their fingers to the bone at start up companies in the San Francisco area when they decided that life was passing them by! While they were young and childless, they decided to hit the road. Eric works at an online job bringing in enough money to cover their monthly expenses while Allison manages their You Tube channel, blog and Instagram.  Now that they are becoming well known, many travels are sponsored by travel businesses.  My biggest question is how many clothes do they own and how do they do their laundry? Check them out...they just did a trip to New England and now are on a cruise to Puerto Rico.

4. OPI Hand Lotion

I seldom check out the TJ Maxx Beauty/Skin product aisle but when I saw OPI lotion, I had to give it a try as I love OPI nail polish. This is the perfect light weight lotion for these cold winter days. I have my bottle by my cozy chair.  I chose the Coconut Melon scent and it is just delightful.

5. Caren Hand Cream

I love the Red Cocoa Hand Cream by Caren Original.  It comes in the perfect purse size and the smell is just heavenly. I need to get a new one for this winter.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

How God Used Smurf Vitamins to Build My Faith

Now that is a title is it not? My friend, Whitney told a story on Instagram on Monday about how God orders our days for us and what a blessing that is! I thought I might share this little story to encourage someone today. All of my friends have heard it over and over so if you are a friend, just bear with me. :)

When we lived in Louisville, Kentucky I had two very picky eaters named Ben and Amelia. Living on a tight budget as a college professor's wife I pinched every penny.  You may be surprised to learn that when Marvin worked at U of L we would have qualified for food stamps.  It is a prestigious job but not a high paying one for a new non tenured physics professor.  That was over 30 years ago and I hope things have changed since then!

One week I was trying to make a grocery list and had to decide to leave off the vitamins that I usually purchased to make sure my picky kids were getting all their needed vitamins and minerals.  As a nurse, I was very conscious of how important the early years are for health later on.  It really pricked at my heart but I saw no way to afford those vitamins. I did spend a quarter on Wednesdays to get coupons from the local paper and as  I was paging through the grocery section there was a coupon for a FREE bottle of Smurf Vitamins.  This was an introductory offer as the vitamins were a new product.

I was so excited to see that coupon that would supply my kiddos with vitamins for one month. Well I was so excited about it that I shared this blessing with my small group at church.  One of the more health conscious moms told me that she had two bottles that she would not use as she did not like vitamins with additives. Her mom and her mother in law had each picked up a bottle for her and she was not going to use them so would I like them? Would I ever!!

So I had three months worth of vitamins for the kids! As a young mom, this lesson reminded me that God cares about even the small things that we are concerned about. I needed that lesson in faith as we really went through some of the hardest years as a family while we were in Louisville. Fortunately we had a wonderful church family and God was certainly feeding us spiritually as we struggled financially.  I still reflect on that blessing when I am tempted to get all frazzled about a life issue.

We were not the only struggling young family that we knew. One of my dear friends, Betsy, was fearful because her husband lost his job and they had also had two little ones.  One day she called me to see if I was home. Sure, come on over. I was always glad to see Betsy and her crew.  When she arrived she unloaded the boys and then returned to her car and came back carrying two large bags of groceries.  She explained to me that someone had left a lot of groceries on their doorstep and she was tithing the amount that was given to them by sharing with the Grimms.  What a humbling experience that was for me. And another reminder that God will take care of me.

And God did provide a better job for Marvin in the defense industry. We have been blessed beyond measure. But the lessons we learned as a young couple kept us frugal all our lives and allowed us to be able to have Grimmwood today.  Betsy and her family prospered too...we still send each other Christmas cards and marvel at how our children are now adults and we are grandmothers.

I hope this little story was a blessing to you. God can use vitamins to teach a lesson!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Stream

Well it is chilly here in NoAla so we will just pretend we are at the Stream this morning.

1. I got a lot of comments on Hannah's portrayal of the Queen. She did a wonderful job!  I have long had a fascination with Queen Elizabeth. I think she is someone who embodies every thing it means to be a Queen.  If she has a failing, I would say that it is in motherhood. From all I have read, she put being a queen first as she saw that as her duty.  Her children were well cared for and I must say she seems to have a close relationship with all her grandchildren. I love one picture I saw of her giggling with Prince Harry. I just bet he is a character.

2. To answer a reader's question, The wreath from the Dollar Tree is about 10 inches in diameter. They are a good buy for one dollar.  I think Dollar Tree has done a good job with their craft section this year.  This wreath would be pretty to embellish and hang on the windows inside your home.  Target has some very pretty greenery for $3 that would look great on these little wreaths.

3. I got a real kick out of Meg's comment on my Saturday Stitching this week. She reminded me that the worst I have to fear is the Cross Stitch Police coming for me for gluing a piece of my stitching.  She heard Priscilla Blain share that on her You Tube Channel.  My thought is that if my kids will be selling these pieces for $1 at the Estate Sale when I am gone, I am not worrying about gluing in my finishing.

4. This week I heard that an old friend from Nursing School was missing. She was a year older than me and while we were not close friends, all the girls at GBH were friends. Our school was small and we knew everyone and usually worked together in the hospital at some point in our schooling there. I remember Lynn as a sweet soft spoken girl who was active in her church.  Apparently she drove to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled and never reached the drugstore.  After searching all week her van was found and she was deceased. No foul play was involved but it is still a very sad thing for all of us who knew her.  And it was rather sobering as they described her as a senior citizen. I never really think of myself as a senior citizen but I guess I am!! Inside I still fill like that young girl  in nursing school.

5. I said that we attended our last Home Game for the Jackets. Georgia Tech  will be playing in Athens, Ga Thanksgiving weekend as they face The DAWGS.   Season Tickets are just for the Home Games and every other year they do play in Atlanta. It is hard to get excited about a game where you are almost certain you are going to lose.  But Alabama is doing great so I will just have to be happy about that...and fingers crossed they will beat the DAWGS in Atlanta in the SEC playoff.  Roll Tide!

6. I am hoping to get some of my online Christmas shopping done this week while we are home to receive the packages.  I must say that having all the gifts delivered to my door is a bonus. While some love the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, I like being at home in front of the logs, wrapping my gifts.  Grandson Hampton asked for a Bob Ross Toaster! And yes, Walmart carries them so I am hoping to nab one for him.

Hope you are all having a good week as you make your lists for the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What's New at Cracker Barrel?

On the way home from Grimmwood on Sunday, we stopped at the Cracker Barrel on Market Street in Dalton, Georgia for breakfast.

That fire felt so good on a frosty fact the first frost of the season in Georgia.

Here is a close up of the garland...

Being Veterans Day, an American flag was proudly displayed!

On the hearth was this basket of pumpkins. But this is the only place you will find fall at the Dalton Cracker Barrel as the fall merchandise was in the 40% off corner of the store and Christmas was on display!

Isn't this the cutest thing???

You're the Reason Santa even has a Naughty List...yes that is probably true!

I loved this Santa!!

And look at this cardinal tea pot.

Now these would look lovely on the Thanksgiving table and on into the Christmas season.

I have one Cracker Barrel Gingerbread house and this one really tempts me!!

These are very pretty in a grouping of three.

The Grands would love this.

I wonder if it plays Here comes Santa Claus? I did not give it a try but it sure is cute.

And finally....

Another animated scene. I will have to wait until it goes on sale after Christmas!!

Hope you enjoyed strolling through Cracker Barrel with me.