Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday Wows

I have two photos to share today. First is my lovely daughter and her husband.

They were in Mentone Alabama over the weekend and took some time to have dinner at the Wildflower Cafe. Amelia told me that Dad and I need to go there for a special occasion.  Amelia celebrates her 37th birthday on Saturday. We will be celebrating here in Nanaland tonight. Mexican Chicken Casserole and Chocolate cake will be on the menu.

And Cousin Scott has posted another beautiful picture of Foothills Farm,  our family farm.

This is going down the driveway to the Old CCC Camp Road. I walked down this drive many a morning to catch the school bus. My sisters and I were always accompanied by our dog, Mingo. He stood with us until the bus arrived then he strolled back up the drive to the house.  Our view of Fort Mountain is a great one.  I am going to go broke because I want to purchase a canvas of every one of Scott's photograph's!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Put On a Happy Face

Well after 20 years of meeting every Thursday for lunch, the Besties and I decided that Monday might be a better day to meet for the time being. We usually leave for Grimmwood on Thursday and I hate missing any time with the two ladies who make me laugh and encourage me to be a better person. While we were having lunch at Panera yesterday, we were talking about how difficult it is to get older. Not just the aches and pains but losing friends and attending more funerals. It can be downright depressing.  I attended a funeral last week for the husband of my first cousin, Charlotte. Her husband of 27 years died suddenly of a massive MI.  Charlotte had just retired and had planned many more years of traveling and enjoying her sweetheart.  People, we do not have the promise of tomorrow.  So let's try to enjoy each day that we have here on this good earth.

I was thinking of some ways to put on a happy face and I came up with these.

1. Send some happy mail.

I always try to keep a few goodies on hand to put in the mail to a friend. One of these envelopes holds a cross stitch pattern and the other envelope holds a package of pretty cocktail napkins that I though an ailing friend might enjoy.  When we think of others we take the focus off of ourselves and our grievances.

2. Read a Good Book.

Can you believe that it was 20 years ago that Harry Potter appeared on the book shelves? This series enchanted me from the very beginning.  Visit your local library. Our library always has an interesting exhibit as well as the used book store that calls my name each time I visit the Decatur Public Library.

3.Work on a craft. It does not have to be hard! This one I found at Hobby Lobby is easy peasy. You do not even need glue. The links connect without it.

And here is a piece of needlework I have been stitching. It makes me smile each time I pick it up.

Its the Most Wonderful Fright of the Year by Sue Hillis Designs.


For believers the Scriptures never fail to comfort and encourage. I keep my Bible out so that I can read a few words throughout the day.

5. Enjoy a healthy snack.

As we get older we have to really watch our diet. But every afternoon, I  like a little snack. A big glass of water and a small pack of yogurt raisins hits the spot. I am so glad Sun-Maid has packaged their yogurt raisins in individual sizes.  I find if I sit down with a bag of anything, I will eat TOO much.  I love my Simply Southern Tervis Glass as it keeps my water nice and cold. I try to keep it filled up through the day.

6. Chat with a friend. It can be on the phone or over the Net. I email a high school friend of mine at least every other day. We lost touch and reconnected when she found my blog. We have so enjoyed our times together. Another sweet friend just moved to Anniston, Alabama and we Facebook message. She is one of my faithful prayer warriors so I am happy we have stayed in touch in spite of the miles between us.  Don't forget texting. Several friends I know who have dealt with serious illnesses said that a text with a Scripture or just "I am praying for you." has lifted tired spirits.

So I hope that helped you because it was a good reminder to me that it is not all about ME!!  Have a blessed day dear friends. Your comments refresh me daily.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Littlest Grimmlin

We were happy to meet Charles, Nancy and Audrey in Ellijay, Georgia on Saturday. Ellijay is a good half way point for us to meet for some shopping and lunch.

Miss Audrey loved having two escorts.

 She got lots of Hellos and smiles while strolling the streets of Ellijay.  We went to the Olive Oil store and the Soap Store this trip. Then we had lunch at Cantaberry. If you ever visit Ellijay, try this nice little spot and order some of their chicken and rice soup...delicious.

We had to wait just a bit for a table. And it was HOT...Nana and Audrey had cheeks the same color as their ensembles.

This was also a late Father's Day celebration as we had lunch and then ice cream at Moo Bears.  The time passed too quickly and soon we were all heading back to our respective homes.  Another blessing of our house in Georgia is being closer to our youngest Grimmlin.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Stitching and A New Find!

Having such a busy week, stitching took a back seat to life so I do not have much to post in regard to my stitchy progress.

I was working on Lady Freedom. I changed up the chart a bit.  I added Liberty to the bottom of the piece instead of the year 1826 which was charted. At least I think it was 1826. I looked up the date to see what the significance and It had something to do with the Statue of Liberty. Since I had no idea what that date referred to I thought no one else would know either.( All right all you history buffs, don't give me a hard time about my lack of knowledge.)  I plan to have this piece framed in a navy blue frame so it can be a companion piece to Freedom.

I did make it to Hobby Lobby to purchase some thread, material etc to begin my sewing  journey. I plan to work on my finishing this week. If all goes well, I will have an update next Saturday.

While out shopping I found this...

See Drummond's new magazine and it was only $3.99. That is a real bargain in the world of periodicals.  So of course, instead of doing the chores I had planned to do, I sat down and visited Ree. I have to say this is a good magazine. Full of interesting articles and good recipes, it is one magazine I might subscribe to this year. We can all use some encouragement as we work to make our homes a warm and welcoming place. Have a great weekend Friends.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Oily Mail

This week I got a completely unexpected gift from Young Living Essential Oils.  Being a distributor, I enjoy sharing my love of essential oils with others. And because my business did well, I got a gift as a thank you from my company.

This wonderful travel bag was filled with goodies.  A diffuser necklace so I can wear my favorite oil whenever I choose.  I got two travel jars along with a recipe for a sugar scrub. A little spoon was included to scoop out the scrub.  I also received a nice face cloth and FOUR essential oils.  The travel bag also includes secure slots for four oils, making it perfect for travel near or far away.  You may wonder where my other two oils went. Well I often gift some of my freebies to customers so they can try a new oil.  Believe me, my oily arsenal is well stocked.

My favorite oil right now is Peppermint. Marvin and I both enjoy this oil. It is a useful for many purposes, supporting digestion and over all well being.  As someone who has always struggled with gut issues, I am amazed at how oils have changed my life.

Thanks Young are the BEST.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Grimmlins Come to Town

Marvin and I enjoyed having Margaret and Elliott last week. Ben had  a business trip to New Orleans so Katy asked if we could watch the Grimmlins while she and Baylor hung out at home.

Margaret went to Friend Day with me, Deborah and Susan. We ate lunch at the Freight House in Hartselle. Margaret enjoyed watching the trains go right by the window.

Miss Deborah got a photo of me and my Marg.

Margaret is holding a light up Koala bear we found at Walgreens.

Meanwhile Elliott and Grandpa had fun playing at home.

Ninja Turtle Farmer.

On Friday we hit up McDonalds. In case you did not know, McD's has Beanie Babies in the Happy Meals this week.

Our McDonalds actually brings your meal to the table. With little ones this is real customer service.

Katy and Ben arrived to pick the kids up on Friday and Grandpa and I retired to our recliners for a bit of a rest before we headed out for pizza.  We both realize that we do not have the energy we used to have when we raised our own children.  But we will rest up and be ready for another visit from the Grimmlins!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Father's Day Swim Party

Amelia and I hosted a Father's Day party for Todd and Marvin last Wednesday. I provided the pizza and Amelia made a cake. With Margaret and Elliott in town, the cousins had a great time together.

Making memories.

Kendall picked up this mouse pad for Grandpa when she was at Space Camp. It's Not Rocket Science...No wait, it is rocket science.  Kendall loves to give gifts.  She is also a  science lover like her grandpa.

Amelia and her dad.  Amelia looks like her dad and her Grandma Saramina.

Margaret and Elliott barely got home and got baths before they fell asleep. Swimming is excellent for tiring out the little ones. ( and the big ones too!)