Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall at the Little House

Sister, Kristi, texted me to tell me that the leaves were just beautiful behind our little house. She graciously took her camera and captured the scene for me.

On the hill behind the house.  Love all those red leaves.

I loved this shot of the pond and a peek of the house.

Another pretty shot of the pond and the reflection of the trees.

Our contractor called us to say all the inspections are done so the siding will go up on Tuesday and the drywall will be installed too.  Looks like it just might be done by Thanksgiving.

Marvin and I are off antiquing again this weekend. We are trying to find the things we need for the house at a bargain price.  The sofa and mattresses will be purchased in Chatsworth to make it easier on delivery but the smaller things we can handle with our van.

It is a chilly fall morning here in NoAla and we are looking forward to seeing Alabama play Texas A and M. Gameday is being broadcast from Bama, which is always fun!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitchen Angel

I know it is still quite a while until Christmas but if you plan to make some of your own gifts, it is time to get started.  I was watching Mrs Erica on You Tube the other day and she had made a stop at Priesters on the outskirts of Montgomery. While shopping at this neat store she picked up a Christmas gift for a family member. It was a Kitchen Angel.  I thought, how cute and I think I can make one of those on my own.  I have two sweet aunts that I try to get some little something for at Christmas and I knew this would be perfect for them.  At their ages they do not need or want more things so something useful is perfect.

You will need...

Two kitchen towels per angel.  You want them to coordinate. I found these at TJ Maxx for $4.99.

Two sturdy Wooden Spoons. I found these at TJ Maxx as well. $2.49

Rubberbands($1.49) and a spool of ribbon. Ribbon is 40% off this week at Hobby Lobby so you might want to purchase some for your Christmas crafts.

Mrs Erica's Christmas Angel used a potholder for the wings. I could not find any that matched my towels so I just folded up the plain dish towel for wings.

Here is what it looks like all folded up. Now you need a sturdy rubber band.

Set aside.

Lay the other towel open over your spoon and use the rubber band to hold it in place. You need to make it tight.

Here is how it will look.

Attach the wings to the back by slipping the rubber band holding the bow to the spoon. This can be difficult. You must hold your tongue right!!:)  You can also use another rubber band if  that is easier for you. I used the ribbon to cover the rubbersbands.

And here they are all finished.

I did add a tag to the finished angel...since my aunts do not read my blog I can add it here...

This gift took me about 20 minutes to put together and the total cost was about $10.  If you look for potholders and towels on sale you can probably make them for  less.   And really this would make a cute hostess gift to take at Thanksgiving or Christmas if you are traveling to visit relatives soon.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Stream

Good Evening...Susan and I are off to breakfast in the morning so I am posting this evening.

1. We are just back from Marvin's birthday dinner. If you are ever on I 65 in North Alabama, stop in Cullman, Alabama and have a meal at All Steak.  We both had steaks but they offer lots of options. At the end of each meal, you get a hot orange roll. ( Free Dessert!!).  Cullman is a neat town, settled by the Germans, they have a nice Oktoberfest every fall.  And my favorite store, Kernel Kullman is located in the historic district. Sadly they had already closed for the day when we arrived in Cullman. If you want some delicious flavored pop corn, Kernel Kullman is for you!!

2. Little House Update....HVAC, electric and plumbing are in. We have been warned that the finishing takes a while. Marvin and I have been checking out antique shops and such looking for furniture. We did find  a nice tv stand as well as two Jenny Lind twin beds for the guest room.  Our garage is becoming very crowded.

3. Stitching update...I have been enjoying Floss Tube as well as the Facebook sites, Stitch Maynia and Cross Stitch Finish Line.  I get so inspired by all the beautiful stitching. At present I am working on three pieces, rotating them each day.  The first piece is a Christmas ornament for Audrey which should be finished soon. The second piece is a Gingerbread House by Little House Needleworks and finally February by Prairie Schooler. You know I have to be working on a Prairie Schooler.  This one reads...February brings hearts ornate and reveals if Winter leaves early or late.   I finished the cute little groundhog today.

4. Reading  update...I am reading The Mannings by Lars Anderson.  I saw Peyton Manning on tv the other day. He had come to watch his alma mater, Tennessee, play Alabama( Roll Tide!) and he graciously gave a half time interview.  I was really impressed by this young man so when I saw this book on the New Books shelf at the library, I checked it out.  It is an interesting read about Archie Manning and how he passed his love of football on to his three boys!

5. Has anyone seen Girl on a Train? I read the book and I wanted to see the movie, but I have heard mixed reviews on this picture. Suggestions???Should I just catch it later?

6. Well that is about all I have for this evening.  I am off doing some errands tomorrow so maybe I will find something to share with y'all on Friday!! I have not been to TJ Maxx in several weeks so I need to get my fix!!

Have a great day friends!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Out in the Pumpkin Patch

Charles and Nancy took Audrey to the pumpkin patch the other day...

Grimms on the hay wagon to the pumpkin patch...

Apparently there were gourds to be had as well.

Too many pumpkins to choose from ...

I love this little punkin!! I am blessed in the granddaughter department. All three are cute as can be!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Chilly Days are Coming!

I took some time to put my coffee bar in readiness for the chilly weather we will have this weekend. Highs in the mid 60s! ( Tuesday's high is 88!)

I decided to use my mega mugs to hold some Land o Lakes Hot Chocolate packets and some tea.

I decided to add some green tea to the offerings this year. My hubby cannot have caffeine so this is for him!

And speaking of my fella, he turns 65 on Wednesday.  His high school class in Savannah is having a Medicare party as they celebrate this big birthday. I thought that was cute.  Too bad we live so far away.

Hope your Tuesday is a Blessed one dear friends.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

MOPs Make Pumpkins!

We started off October by making some pumpkins ...

Our steering committee comes up with some really neat crafts for us to make.

You will meet these two sweet ladies when you walk in the door.

And you will be assigned a table so you can make some new friends.

Our October newsletter.

Love this verse on our shirts.

Coming to order...

More cute punkins.

We take our crafts very seriously.

Some finished projects.

And here is mine in a vignette I came up with at home.

I found this piece of cross stitch put away in a box in my craft room.  I guess I should clean out more often!!  I had just stitched this same piece for a friend!! Now I have one of my own.

MOPs is such a great ministry. I love all my MOPs moms and look forward to our meetings each month.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Great Smoky Mountains

I took another Arm Chair trip this week thanks to my friend, Pam Calvert.  Pam is the sister of my friend, Deborah.   Deborah is one of five girls in her family then number six came along and finally a Son, or as Deborah laughingly calls him, The Only Child.   ( I grew up with two sisters and my dad wanted my mother to try one more time....she told him most likely he would have another girl so he let go of that dream! However he did get two grandsons that made him very happy.)

Last weekend Deborah and three of her sisters, treated their mama, Miss Martha, to a little weekend getaway.  Up the road they headed to the Smokies.  We are very fortunate in our geographic location. We can enjoy the beach and the mountains! Both are about five or six hours away. When I was growing up in NoGA, the only vacation that I can remember was a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. My parents went on their honeymoon to Gatlinburg.  The Smoky Mountains are quite a sight and at this time of the year, they are in their glory.

Pam took some gorgeous pictures and it was  hard to pick just a few to share with you but here goes.

This just speaks to me...wish I had my camera and my grands there to get some photos.

Nothing like the sound of a rushing mountain stream.

This makes me think of all the Bible Verses that extol God as the Creator of the World we enjoy. He gave us such beauty to behold.
And this is why they call them the Smoky Mountains....

Thanks Pam for allowing me to share these beautiful pictures here on the blog. You have a real talent for catching just the perfect shot.  Be sure and come back on Monday for my MOPs post. We had a great time and made something really cute. Have a good weekend friends.