Friday, March 23, 2018

And the Winner IS

I decided to announce the winner of my give away today so I can just share stitching tomorrow.

The winner of this Market chart is Carol of Stitching Dreams. Her favorite designer is Prairie Schooler.

And as I was going through my stash I found another chart that I will not get around to stitching so I threw it is as a surprise.

This chart will go to Mary at Visits with Mary. Mary's favorite designer is Lizzie Kate.

Ladies if you will email me your snail mail addresses at I will get these gifts our to you.

I am noticing that I have almost 70 followers and I would love to hit 100 so as an incentive to get readers to Follow my blog, I plan to do a big giveaway when I reach that number. So if you are someone who reads but does not comment, please become a follower so that I know you are out there. It is very encouraging to me to see my numbers go up!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Georgia on my Mind

Cousin Scott is at it again....look at this beautiful picture of Fort Mountain that he snapped after the storms went through Monday night.

And just down the road in Cherokee little Grimmlin is out for a ride.

Note the elbow and knee pads...first child for sure.

Charles posted that he and Nancy were laying on the bed talking when Audrey climbed up to join the discussion.

I always love seeing my children parenting....they do a great job.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

For Your Consideration

How do you like that title? I believe I am stealing from Rod Sterling on Twilight Zone today!

I have a Book and a Brit Cop show to suggest to you for a lazy weekend.

 I have always been fascinated by the Colonial Women who helped shape our country. This book focuses on Martha(Patsy) Jefferson, daughter of Thomas Jefferson. I will warn you that it is a novel and not a non fiction work. I did look up some of the references etc and the research of the authors seems pretty sound.  Thomas Jefferson was a complicated person. Brilliant and yet self absorbed would be the two words I would choose to describe him. While  helping to found our country during the Revolution, he was often an absentee husband and father. He was very devoted to his wife and before she died after a complicated child birth, she begged Jefferson never to marry again. His wife had experiened an evil stepmother in her childhood and did not want her daughters to fall victim to that situation. Jefferson gave her his word and in doing so, placed a heavy burden on his oldest daughter. Patsy had promised her mother she would look after her father and she kept that pledge until her father's death. Patsy spent most of her teenage years in Paris when her father was the Ambassador to France. I thought this portion of the book was most interesting. Patsy was quite well educated and immersed herself in politics....even routing out a British Spy who had become a friend to her father. While in Paris, Patsy becomes aware of the affair between her father and Sally Hemmings and does her best to put aside her personal feelings on that matter.

Arriving back in America as a young women, life seemed good when she married her cousin, Tom Randolph. The Randolph family dynamics soon came into play and Patsy's marriage began to unravel. Seeking solace in playing hostess for her father when he became President, helped her to put aside the problems in her immediate family. Patsy had 11 children and most lived to maturity which was unusual in those days.  As the book draws to a close we see a different, older Jefferson. He has lost Monticello and his only desire is to die on July 4th. Which he does! This is a story of a strong woman who put aside her own desires for the betterment of her family.  It is a good read...I would give it three out of five stars.

On to a good British series....

Marvin an I have so enjoyed this series starring Richard Griffiths. ( You may know him as Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter movies...don't hold that against him!!) When we finished the last episode of a five year series, we were sad.  Henry Crabbe is a Detective Chief Inspector who is also a gourmet cook.He opens his dream restaurant, Pie in the Sky, while still being on call to Freddy Fisher, his old buddy who is now Assistant Constable. Fisher likes keeping Crabbe around because Crabbe solves the cases and Fisher takes the credit.  Life in the Restaurant with Henry and his crew is interesting and we are all pulling for Henry to be released to retirement so he can enjoy his passion, which is cooking. I believe you can find this show on Net Flix and Acorn TV.  Again I wonder why American Television cannot produce the quality shows the Brits have been doing for years.( This series is set in the mid 90s....showing again how much things have changed in such a short time.)

Oh and the Bunny my sister got for me came from Dollar General Store.....We call it the Dollar Store in our neck of the woods. The other store is Dollar Tree.

Happy Reading and Watching!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In the Country

This was my view from the front porch at Grimmwood on Friday. We call these two geese, Heathcliff and Gertrude. If you are old enough to remember Red Skelton, then you know we stole his idea.  They have been at the pond on and off  since we built the house there. They come flying in at seven in the morning, honking to let us know they have arrived. Perhaps we should refer to them as our country alarm clock.:)

The porch on an early spring morning is my favorite place to me. A cup of coffee in hand, sitting on the swing, listening to the wind chimes as I slowly swing back and forth.

We went by Tractor Supply later in the was Chick Day. I enjoyed watching the little critters but I will just buy my eggs at the store. Marvin is planning going to try bee keeping. Our bees arrive in May. He wants me to paint, Dr G's Honeybees, on the side of his hives. I hope the local bears will read that and leave our hive alone.

Sister Leta, brought me a gift for Grimmwood...

Believe it or not, she found this at The Dollar Store. I love the color!

Have a good day friends...enjoy the great outdoors if you can.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Bend it Like Elliott!

 If you are not familiar with the film, Bend it Like Beckham, it is about soccer. And a pretty good movie too! We have a new Soccer player in the family. Elliott joins cousin Landon in this sport that has become very popular here in the states.

Margaret made a sign to cheer on her little brother. One thing about Ben and Katy's children, they love and support each other. I think having a special needs brother has made them compassionate children.

Here is all the crew after the game.  I know I am their Nana, but I am pretty proud of all three Grimmlins.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Stitching Saturday

After I posted my market haul, I realized I had left one off...

Brenda Gervais Hen and adorable.

I got my March Victorian Motto Threads. I am going to get this club as well as Colour and Cotton for a while and make a decision on which club I will continue to order.

Thanks to Robin for introducing me to Victorian Motto Threads. I have really enjoyed using them and it will be hard to make a I might just get both for a while!!

And look what I got today. I went by The Cross Stitch Peddler to kit up my Silver Creek Samplery Dorothy.( It will be a birthday gift for my daughter, Amelia) and while I was there chatting with the Wednesday Class Ladies, the mailman came!! I was the first person to receive this chart. Go ME!

I started Abigail Adams this week. I look forward to getting all my patriotic ladies done by this summer.

I scored on EBAY this week with this old Prairie Schooler chart for just $3 more than the current charts cost. And it is on the hard paper!! I got it mainly for O Come All Ye Faithful and Peace on Earth Good Will to Men.

Other haul arrived from Hands On Design. These are some of Cathy's old charts that you can find on her website.

And with this order came this freebie...

As you can read at the bottom, this is free to share with yall so feel free to copy this chart.  Cathy is so generous. I really enjoy her Floss Tube pod casts. I think learning more about the story behind the design enhances my stitching.

Well now that I can stitch again, I need to get busy!! Happy Stitching to all my Stitchy Friends.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Land of the Free

  I started this small chart on Saturday and finished it on Monday. It was a fun quick stitch and so enjoyable after being stitchless for so long.  My doctor told me that typing and stitching are good therapy to get my fingers moving again.

This is one of the New Market charts from Nashville and as I know I will not stitch this one again I am going to pass the stash.

Please do not use the word giveaway in your comments. If you wish to be entered into this gift a way, please tell me your favorite cross stitch designer.  I will share the winner on Stitching Saturday March 24th.

Good Luck!!