Saturday, January 21, 2017

Little Boys and Little Girls

Little Boys and Little Girls are different, no matter what you may hear to the contrary. I taught two year olds in a local preschool for ten years and I have many stories to prove it.

This morning I will share two examples...from my two youngest grands. 

First we have Audrey. She is lovingly putting all her babies to bed, finding a blanket from her blanket drawer for each baby.

Isn't that the sweetest thing??? 

And now we have Elliott who is a dinosaur who eats babies.

That dinosaur is cracking me up!!

 We are off today to babysit the Hoover Grimmlins.  Ben and Katy celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary on Monday so we are keeping the kiddos today so they can have a day out for lunch and a movie. The last time we did this, they had lunch then went to the library and enjoyed some reading.:)  When you are the parents of three active children, one on the autistic spectrum, just some peace and quiet is a good thing!!  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Historic Day

 I am up and watching all the festivities on NBC this morning.  I have enjoyed seeing clips of previous presidents as they took the oath of office. I think it reminds me that I am OLD as I remember so many of them.  The first president I really remember was John Kennedy.  He resembled my Uncle Robert. One day my little sister, Kristi, ran to Mother, "Mother, Uncle Robert is on television!!"  We still chuckle over that one.

I remember Lyndon Johnson for his pretty daughters, Lucy and Lynda as well as his beagles, Him and Her.

Mr Nixon is remembered for his historic trip to China as well as his resignation in light of Watergate.

Mr Ford took over as president and brought his good looking children to the White House. SNL poked fun at Mr Ford's clumsiness. I remember laughing at Chevy Chase as he portrayed the president.

As a Georgian we were very proud to have a president from our state when Jimmy Carter won the office. Sadly his legacy is being remembered as one of the worst presidents. I do admire his work for Habitat for Humanity.( The first Presidential Election that I voted in so it was exciting to me.)

Reagan....Jelly Bellys and his brush with death are some of my clearest memories of this president. He was another president who was put down by the media as an "actor". He showed he was much more than that and easily won re election.

Bush Sr...a gracious man and his lovely wife, Barbara. I really liked Barbara for her embracing the Silver Fox look when so many women were avoiding gray tresses.  And Barbara Bush Blue, one of my favorite colors.

Clinton....There are so many things I remember about him but I will just keep them to myself.

George H W Bush...I will never forget how he steered us in the days after 9-11.  Laura was another favorite first wife of mine. One Christmas she decorated the White House with a Children's Book Theme. I loved that she was a reader!!

Obama, not my favorite president but I do think he was a good husband and father and there is a lot to be said for that in this day and age.

Donald Trump ....I wish him well. I was a fan of The Apprentice when he starred in that tv program. He was always fair and he did not put up with whining.  I think the one of the biggest problems we face in this culture is Whining. Nothing is our fault and if we do not get our way we act like little children.  As my parents used to say, "Buck UP!"

Presidents come and go...our country has survived them all.

So I will be stitching and watching the ceremonies today. Do you have any memories of certain Commanders in Chief? I would love to hear them.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Finishing Up

You all know I love to stitch but finishing a project is very important as well. Thanks to Flosstube on You Tube, I have learned that everything does not have to be framed.  And that is good news as framing is the expensive part of cross stitching.  While I will still frame my big projects, I can finish some things on my own.

Small seasonal stitching that is only displayed for a short time can be done quite cheaply!  I got three pieces finished this week.

First is a Christmas ornament for my little tree that I will use at Grimmwood.

This piece is called Snow Place like HOME by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I simply stretched it over a piece of cardboard lined with batting. I added a piece of sparkly scrapbook paper to the back. ( I used a piece that is a glittery tag board which costs $1.99 at Hobby Lobby...You need a substantial piece of paper for this project.) After watching Vonna the Twisted Stitcher on Floss Tube, I learned that embellishments can make a finished project much cuter. I found these tags at Hobby Lobby as well. I simply glued the string between the two pieces of cardboard.  My plan is to make a Christmas ornament a month. I am hoping to find a pencil tree to display at the little house. I want the ornaments to really stand out.

I had two cute Valentine pieces...both by the designer Lizzie Kate.  I finished them simply as they will just be on display about two weeks.

I stitched this on Aida fabric and it is very stiff and holds up well so I just trimmed it  and added it to some cardboard lined with scrapbook paper. I added the little paper Be Mine that I found in the Valentine aisle at Walmart.  I propped it on an easel in front of the my grands pictures on the Nana Table.

This one is very simple as well.

I used the DMC variegated floss on these hearts and i love how they turned out. Again, using Aida makes it easier to work with in finishing. Linen and Even weave are a little harder to work with as they wrinkle easily. Aida is a sturdy cloth and can take the abuse.  I mounted this  on a 5 by 7 card covered with batting. Then I glued it to a wooded box frame that I had covered with scrapbook paper. Once again I used the heart embellishments  I picked up at Walmart.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my handwork.   I love stitching but I like to have a FINISH as well. Off for lunch with the besties and running some errands before the rains set in. We are still having beautiful weather but we are expecting the cold to return next week. That is life in the South in the Winter.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Remembering Viet Nam

When I was a pre teen and teen ager, the nightly news was always about the war in Viet Nam. It was a war that was not popular and left lasting scars on our nation. I am glad to see our military men honored today because many of our Viet Nam vets were reviled when they came home. I was glad to see that a memorial was built for these men and I would love to see it one day in Washington DC.

Last year the traveling wall came to my hometown and my cousin, Scott, took this photograph.

It is actually two photographs merged into one.   This photo got 50,000 likes on Facebook and was shared often.  Recently Washington DC called Scott and asked if they could use this photograph on the tee shirts that will be sold with this years traveling wall tour.  Of course he was very honored to say of course you can use it.

I took this photo of Scott with his famous shot but of course, the flash bounced off!!  We are all very proud of Scott and if the tour comes to your town, you will know the story behind the t shirts!

Scott has a stressful job and took up photography as a hobby that has become a second job for him. He got some beautiful shots of my grands for me last year. He also takes our family photos.  We sure are blessed to have a great photographer in the family.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dollar Tree Valentines Day

As many of you know, I enjoy setting up a coffee bar at one end of my kitchen countertop.  Paper products can be pricy. I have seen seasonal paper plates that can be priced at $6 or more for one package. UH...NO.   I have found great deals at Walmart. Hobby Lobby has good sales as well but so far, the best buy I have found is at my local Dollar Tree. I have to say I was skeptical about the quality but I have found them to be on a par with Walmart.

Here is everything in its place.

I love this cute little glass that holds my paper straws.  I have to admit that the first glass I purchased I dropped on the floor and it broke so I had to go back for another one. While I was there I picked up an Easter glass as well.  The straws were 97 cents at Walmart. They had the BEST deals on straws.

This hangs on my back door....Dollar Tree for $1.  Dollar Tree has really upped their game in the seasonal department.

Whitney at Come Home for Comfort and Mrs Erica have posted some videos on You Tube  about their Dollar Tree finds. You might like to check them out as well.

I am hoping to complete my Valentine Decorating around the house and I need to finish a few crafts I have been working on.  You will be seeing more Hearts here in Nanaland as the Day of Love approaches!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hendersons Potluck Dinner

My mother was a Henderson before she married my daddy.  So I have more Scotch Irish blood flowing in my veins. I have often thought of having a DNA test but I am afraid I would get mad if it came back, English, Scottish and Irish. Hey I already  know that!!  My sisters and my cousins decided we would have a family pot luck every other month. We were tired of only seeing each other at the funeral home when someone passed away.  I am sure you can relate. We all have good intentions of getting together but it never happens.  I am so glad we have put this in motion for our family.

Holly opened her home for this crazy crowd.

After having a meal of chili, chicken noodle soup and cheddar broccoli soup, the fun and games began.

My aunt Joyce still has some of her old 45 records and Holly had a record player so DANCE PARTY. Here is Aunt Joyce and her grandson, Ben, doing the twist to the original Chubby Checker record!!

My 81 year old Aunt Rachel, busted some moves too!! . We got so tickled. I hope I can move like that when I am 80. Who are we kidding, I cannot move like that now.:)

I was taking a picture of Scott, Holly and Tucker when Scott got out his camera.

Aunt Joyce and Ben.

Hayleigh and Tucker...the youngest family members in attendance.

We told stories, we laughed we shared memories. It was such a sweet time. In March we will have an Italian feast at Sharon's home. I can't wait.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Our Happy Place

We are home from our Happy Place. Each time it seems harder to leave.

My view from my stitching spot on the sofa.

Sunshine and warm temps made for some good porch sitting.


Into the woods...

This morning as we were leaving a flock of geese came to swim about and tell us good by. They are hard to see as Marvin used my cell phone and I had to crop it to get the birdies in the picture.  They looked much bigger in person. The next time I will get out my Nikon camera.

Back to reality after a quiet few days. We did get to go to a family pot luck where we danced and played games. I will share those pictures on Monday! Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow Friends.