Wednesday, April 24, 2019

On Grimmwood Time

We had a nice week at Grimmwood. My sister, Leta, was off for spring break. Sister Kristi took off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Time with my sisters is special to me.

On Monday I helped Leta at her church. Once a month a ministry from the Atlanta area comes to the church to distribute groceries to needy families.  Miss Patsy, one of the older ladies at the church wanted to offer more than groceries so she organizes the ladies of the church in preparing and serving a meal to those who come for groceries. They can eat the meal in the church fellowship hall or there are to go plates. We served 57 men, women and children on Monday. Twenty five boxes of groceries were given out as well as the gospel. The people who come up from Atlanta are so nice. The man who was the leader of the group told me the ministry was born when a wealthy man who owned a grocery warehouse saw how much food was wasted by just sitting in the warehouse so he did something about it and a ministry was born.  If you are interested in this ministry check out the web site above.

On Tuesday I did spring cleaning while Marvin got his bee nucleus. The bees stay in the small box for 24 to 48 hours then they are moved to their hive house.  I spent a lot of time stitching on my Christmas pieces. Friday the sisters and the niece headed to Dalton to do some shopping and eating. Saturday was really chilly and I spent the day getting ready for Easter.

Easter was a beautiful sunny day. Marvin and I attended the services at FBC Chatsworth where Laura is a member. It was a wonderful service with great singing( Up From the Grave He Arose and He Lives). The pastor brought a message just perfect for Easter. Then it was to Mother's house to eat lunch with the family.

Niece Laura in her pretty Easter Dress.

I thought I would close with this picture from the grands corner.

I am going to be bringing a special addition to this play area. Be on the look out for it on Friday Faves.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


We started our trip in Savannah, Georgia, Marvin's home town. He had a meeting with the Savannah High Class of 69 reunion committee but we planned a long weekend to see some family while we were there.

We stayed at Marvin's sister's home. The neighbors had a kumquat tree full of fruit. It was so pretty but we think when the fruit all falls to the ground it will be a big mess.

On Thursday evening we rode out to Tybee Island to have dinner with Mina, her son, Benjamin and his wife, Ami.

It was our first visit to Stingrays.  Benjamin and Ami live on Tybee and are renovating an apartment to lease as an Air BandB. It looks so nice. We told them we would like to rent it sometime.

On Friday we spent the afternoon driving through some of our favorite neighborhoods and shopping down town on Broughton Street.

I have always admired this house. I altered the colors a bit as I did want to put a picture on my blog with any information on it.  This house reminds me of houses in Little Golden Books that I read to my children when they were small. The sun room on the right would be perfect for a stitching room.

Oh the Paris Market is a must visit shop if you are in Savannah.  I loved wandering around among the beautiful things. I bought a small piece that I brought him to use in some stitching finishing.

We stopped in at the Savannah Bee Company.

Don't you love their doors?

 Pardon the flash!! I picked up this book for Grimmwood. The Life and Times of the Honeybee by Charles Micucci. When I was checking out the young lady at the counter told me that the owners of Savannah Bee Company make all their new employees read this book. I have to say I found it informative and on my level.:)

Friday evening we had dinner at our favorite seafood restauarant.  They make the best fried shrimp!! We met up with Marvin's childhood friend, Charles....who our Charles is named after.  I really enjoyed spending time with his wife, Marcia. She is a cross stitcher too...we were off to the races discussing our shared hobby.

Saturday Marvin had his meeting so Mina and I went to a painting class sponsored by Generation One. It is a service for Senior Citizens and they have so many activities you could never be bored.  It is sponsored by one of the large hospitals in Savannah.  Saturday evening we had a cookout with some of the extended family. It is so good to sit, eat and visit.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed north. We tried  a new route to Grimmwood that bypassed Atlanta. It was a pretty drive and we did not get stopped in traffic.  If you are interested in our route...we took Interstate 16 from Savannah to Dublin Ga. We got on highway 441 to Athens then picked up 129 to Gainesville Georgia...then 53 to the cut off for Ellijay and from there skirting Fort Mountain to 411.  It will be our go to route from now on!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Home Again

Well I am late posting as we took a leisurely drive home, stopping at Cracker Barrel for Breakfast, then pausing in Decatur to go to the library then picked up mail at the post office.

Wow...what a pile of mail we had and most of it went directly into the circular file. lol I did have many lovely Easter cards which I will share with you one day this week. Friends are the BEST.

Here are a few pictures from Grimmwood.

On Thursday Leta and I took a stroll to visit the bees. Yes, we are now proud owners of TWO Hives.

Our first hive on the left is still recovering from a swarm last June so it will take a while for us to see a lot of progress in the Honey Making endeavor. Although we did bring home one frame that had a good bit of honey in it. We might get a pint if we are lucky but it is still a big day for us novice bee keepers.

I found this cute flag at Fiddleheads Garden Center in Dalton, Georgia.

And finally a picture that Leta took from across the pond at the bee hive headquarters....

I love the reflection of the house and the wall in the pond.  This might be a new notecard for my personal stationery.

I am slowly playing catch up on social media so I hope by tomorrow I will have time to visit all my favorite bloggers.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday Stitching

This is a short Saturday Stitching today as we are getting ready to take some time off for Holy Week. I will be taking a blog break to refresh and rewind but I will return on the Monday after Easter.

First I had to share this shirt that I ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop.

If you are a Chelsea and Priscilla Fan, you need this shirt!! I admit that every Saturday I anxiously await the notification that P and C have uploaded their weekly Floss Tube.  I really enjoyed checking out the Fat Quarter Shop online. While I am not a quilter, they have lots of unique fabrics and notions that really tempted me.  Well let's be honest...I am always tempted and I usually give in!!

Here are a few of the Patriotic Charts  I hope to finish for this summer.

I have hd this chart for years...I think it will be a quick stitch.

Another one from the Stash

Who doesn't love George and Martha?? They can be displayed in February as well as July.

A new release by Abby Rose. I love building houses!!  

Have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter Stitchy Friends.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Five

Easter is Coming and with Easter, thoughts of Easter Baskets filled with Goodies. I am sharing my five favorite candies that I would love to see in my Easter Basket.

1. Jelly Belly Easter Mix

I love Jelly Belly and thank you President Reagan for introducing these yummy treats to me. My favorite flavors are Tutti Fruity, Coffee and Banana.

2. Cadbury Mini Eggs

You can keep those big Cadbury eggs....they are just TOO sweet for me. I prefer these little baby eggs.

3. Reese's Easter Eggs

My son Ben's favorite as well.

4. Snickers Easter Egg

I love peanuts  and that is not too unusual for a girl from Georgia where peanuts are plentiful.

5. Homemade Chocolate Covered Eggs

This is just a picture I found on the Internet but these eggs remind me of the eggs my mother in law made at Easter. She dipped the candy eggs in chocolate and added our names to the top!! I have never mastered her recipe but if I close my eyes and think really hard I can almost taste one of those special treats!  I am sure the love that went into making them added to their deliciousness.

So, what is your favorite Easter Candy?

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Five Years Ago

My grands are growing up so quickly. Sometimes I like to look back. Today is a Five Year Time Hop.

Kendall and Landon ready to play ball!

And this cute picture of Elliott.

This was made during a Tornado watch....Elliott was wearing his head protection!!

We are going to be gaining a new grandson on May 28th if he does not decide to arrive earlier.  Audrey is excited about becoming a big sister. Hey, we are all pretty excited about this new member of the family.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Meme Stream

I saw some cute memes this week and I thought I would turn them into a Meme Stream!

1. Books Meme

 I did read a good book this week, Cardinal Hill by Mary Anna Bryan. It is the story of a young girl named Margaret growing up in a small town in Georgia in the 1940s.


Well we all know this is true. Time with my grands is the best time to Nana and Grandpa.

3. Thinking positive.

This may surprise some of you but I can be a negative Nellie.  Growing up in my family I often heard  "If Nothing Happens" tacked onto many statements. We will go to the lake if nothing happens, as an example. I grew up in a Scotch Irish family that took nothing for granted. But I think that got into my brain and has really affected my thinking over my lifetime. Marvin has graciously pointed that out to me many times.:) So I am trying to be more positive and more aware of what I am putting into my heart and mind on a daily basis.

4. Diet and Exercise

Ladies I think most of you who have reached your sixth decade will agree that losing weight becomes harder and harder.  As for the tanning, I sometimes use the Jergens Lotion self tanner. It is not too dark and as a result you do not see all the streaks I leave when I rub it on my legs. Is anyone else self tan challenged.  I tell myself that in the time of Gone with the Wind, I would have that prized porcelain complexion. Of course now my porcelain is somewhat crazed.

5. Easter

My friend, Brandy, who made my Bless Your Heart Shirt for me has this meme on one of her Easter tee shirts. I had to resist purchasing it.  I love this Southern Easter Greeting.