Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Finer Things Club

If you were a fan of The Office, you will remember some of the office staff created The Finer Things Club hoping to bring some refinement to the chaos of office life.  Recently I have had several conversations with other ladies about how far our culture has strayed from manners, decorum and refinement.  I think I want to bring some of those things back into my own life as well.

As I was browsing Facebook yesterday, I came across this photo posted by my friend, Terry.

Terry is a friend from church and she is a 3 G woman! Godly, gracious and giving. It seems our church abounds with ladies like Terry. They are such an encouragement to me.  Terry was hosting a birthday luncheon in her home for a lady who recently turned 90. When I asked Terry if I could use her photo on my blog she agreed with the instruction that I should tell ladies to use what they have and to not feel guilty if they do not have great cooking skills. She ordered this lunch from a local restaurant and then plated it herself before the ladies arrived.  I know Ina Garten says the same do not have to make everything yourself.    Terry served chicken salad, broccoli salad and a slice of mandarin orange pretzel salad. You may have had the strawberry pretzel salad and this is the same thing but using mandarin oranges instead. It is really yummy and I consider it a dessert!

Here is her center piece....I will say that Terry is a gifted gardener as well and she and her husband work hard to make their yard a showcase of many plants and flowers.  I am sure Terry did this arrangement herself.  She is a lover of bunnies as  are many of us  so she pulled some from her collection to make this spring birthday lunch more festive.

I was so inspired, I decide to make our supper table a little special last night.

My dear blog friend, Sandy, gave me these beautiful napkins that match my Desert Rose dishes perfectly.  I love using them.  We all deserve to use the nice things. What are we saving them for?( Our children will probably sell all our nice things in a garage sale when we are gone so let's enjoy them while we are here!!)

With that last cheery thought, I will sign off.   It is Friend Day and we are heading to Cullman, Alabama to celebrate Deborah's birthday with lunch and shopping.  I am looking forward to being with Deborah and Susan and getting my batteries recharged. Friends will do that for you!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Meet Julia

Several friends have asked me if I had heard about the new character on Sesame Street and yes I have!

This is Julia...she is a muppet with Autism.  Isn't she cute? The bunny in her hand reminds me of my sweet spectrum boy. He loves a nice soft toy he can hold in his hand. Julia's puppeteer is the mom of an autistic son so she is very familiar with the spectrum.  Julia will display many autistic traits, such as "stimming", fear of loud noises and verbal issues.  Of course as all of acquainted with autism know, each autistic child is different.

I am glad to see Julia come to Sesame Street. Will Baylor identify with Julia? Probably not but Margaret and Elliott will "get" her right away!  Julia will help others learn to understand a childhood disability that is not uncommon in this day and age.  And yes, I will  be watching Sesame Street because I want to meet Julia myself!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's the Small Things

How often do we see things of beauty around us and we just take it for granted? I made a trip to the grocery store yesterday and as I was putting my fruit in the bowl, it occurred to me that it was a very pretty sight.   More fruit and more walking for the Grimms this week!!

Oh and I meant to thank you all for the Stream comments. Apparently we all have our position on to wear or not to wear panty hose. One of my friends at the Book Club reminded me that Kate Middleton wears hose so now it is ok for us commoners to wear them as well. Thank you Kate!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Stream

 Let's dive in and see what is swimming around in Nana's mind!

1. I came home from Georgia with some sort of 24 hour bug.  I am not sure if it was a bug or extreme exhaustion after a week of taking care of my sweetie but it laid me low over the weekend. I stayed on the sofa and in the bed but woke up this morning feeling fine. Maybe I just needed the rest.

2, How many of you are looking forward to the Bronte Sisters series on Masterpiece Theater on PBS?  To Walk Invisible tells the story of the three Bronte sisters who lived a quiet life as a clergyman's daughters but sought for a life outside their humble home.  Their dissolute brother, Branwell, also lives in the home. All three girls wrote novels...Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre, Emily wrote Wuthering Heights and Anne wrote The Tenant at Wildfell Hall. I am not familiar with Anne's book so I may have to check that one out at the library.  I read a book about Charlotte years ago and if I remember correctly, Jane Eyre was published under a pseudonym because the public would not read a book written by a woman.  The series calls the Brontes 'secret authors" so this was probably true for all of them.   PBS brings us so many good British series. I am also waiting on the next season of Home Fires.

3. I am officially an old lady. Why? Ok, I will confess I wore thigh high hose to my Uncle Robert's funeral. I have heard all the stories about why panty hose are passe'. No one wears them anymore. Go bare legged! Please people, bare legs might look good on sweet young things but 62 year old pasty legs need some help. I forgot my panty hose and Mother told me she had a pair of hose she would give me. Well, I did not ask what kind they were and since I needed a pair, I took the package not realizing they were thigh highs. I had to laugh as I  pulled them on. I remember my mother in law purchasing this kind for herself and her mother and me thinking, what in the world???  But ladies, after wearing them I can see the appeal.  I doubt I will convert as I like the panty part that helps suck in and smooth all the bumps and bulges but don't knock thigh highs until you try them!

4. Today is our first meeting of the Glens Book Club. I have read the book, The Awakening of Miss Prim. I took some notes and underlined some passages so I think I am ready to participate. I love reading and I look forward to hearing what others thought about the book. Sometimes we all see things differently. Thanks to my friend, Susan for establishing the group.

5. I am enjoying the Daylight Savings Time. It helps me to get in all my steps each day. Last week with Audrey here, I did not reach my goal any day but I am going to jump back in this week. One thing I have learned as I have gotten older...if you do not reach your goals, don't give up. ( As my perfectionist self would have done years ago) Just get back on that horse and ride.  Consistency is my goal now rather than perfection.

Time to get busy here at Nanaland. Steps were not the only thing that was neglected last week.  Have a great day Blog Friends.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bye Bye Audrey

We were up early this morning to get ready for my uncle's funeral at 11 as well as to get ready to hand off Audrey to her parents.

At about 10 am I heard footsteps on the porch and Audrey and I answered the knock knock. The little stinker went right to Daddy and ignored her mama.

She was happy to see her parents and Charles reported that she had a blast becoming reacquainted with all her toys at home before conking out for a three hour nap.  It was a fun visit.

While we were at Grimmwood, I did some stitching.

And I had an email from my friend, Melinda. She is a quilter and she had just completed a quilt for her young grandson. Melinda is the person who acquainted me with cross stitch. I will always be grateful to her for my hobby that has seen me through many years.

Here is her completed quilt.

Isn't it perfect for a little boy. Melinda has a lovely craft room where she works her magic.

The back...

I love how she signed it!! A treasure that will be an heirloom.

We got home this afternoon. It was a quick trip but I really enjoyed seeing many friends and family that I only see at weddings or funerals. It was very hard to say goodbye to Uncle Robert. As my sister put it, if we missed Daddy we could go see our uncle and be comforted. They were very close...brothers and friends. They were Robert and Ray...just like the Barone Brothers on Everybody Loves Raymond. Only my dad was not Raymond, just Ray.  I heard several old stories, viewed some old pictures and hugged many necks.   Just the kind of funeral I hope to have one day!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another Day with Audrey

We have had some good days. Aunt Mimi(Amelia) came by with Landon and Kendall, The cousins were happy to see each other.

Teaching Audrey to use the iPad.

I love this one!!

Blowing Aunt Mimi a kiss.

The cold weather has continued. My cousin, Scott, shared this photo with me. Grimmwood with a snowy Grassy Mountain in the background.

I may Have to purchase this picture!!

I had a text from my sister that Uncle Robert went to meet Jesus this morning. While we are sad for ourselves, we are happy for him.  We will be going over for the visitation and the funeral.

Another Sunday School friend just got out of the hospital. I made some sausage biscuits to take to them.

I made the biscuits from scratch but I have to share a great sausage I have found recently.  Goolsby Sausage comes in a big box and you can take out the number of patties that you need. It is really good and very convenient for our family of two. I found it at Walmart. My mother who is very particular about sausage gave it a big thumbs up so I purchased a box and now it is all I use.   I let my biscuits cool then I add the sausage patty and wrap them individually in saran wrap. Twenty seconds in the microwave usually does the trick!!  I made an extra one for myself so I could make sure they tasted ok.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for my uncle. Pray for my cousins, Brenda and Steve. They have lost both parents in a four month span.  Having Audrey here has reminded me that life goes on. People come and people glad that we have the assurance that a goodbye here is not the end.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Grimmwood Weekend

We really enjoyed our weekend at Grimmwood.

We started the weekend with a salad lunch.

I made up a  Dole chopped salad.So glad I picked up this pretty farm fresh bowl at Cracker Barrel several years ago. It is perfect at the farm.  And thanks to reader, Glenda, for letting me know that she tried the Dole Chopped Salad( Sunflower Seed and Bacon flavor) and she and her husband really enjoyed it. One thing I like about blogging is all  the products I find out about in various posts by savy bloggers.

Marvin got busy preparing some numbers for our drive. 911 requires a number for every home in the county.

I think he did a great job.

Miss May Field found her home!

As did Miss Star Land.

My friend, Susan, gave me some cows too!!

Marvin's mother had a match box similar to this when Marvin was growing up. When we found this one at the antique store, we knew it had to come home with us.

I am hoping to add a few more samplers to my sampler wall.

My Granddaddy Tankersley was a bee man so this sampler was done in his memory.

And last of all this picture....

My 86 year old mother still fries the BEST apple pies!! She dries her own apples each summer, cooks them up and uses them for filling. People all over the county know that her pies are a treasure. If she makes them for you, you are special.  I have said that I believe God will have Mother frying these pies in heaven. And believe me, there will be a long line of people waiting to get one.