Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy and Sad

Little things make me happy...

Like finding out a paper straw will fit the sipping hole of my YETI. It is life changing y'all!:) I am amazed at how well this cup keeps water COLD. And coffee stays hot too as I learned when I burned my tongue the other morning. Now I leave the lid off when I am sipping my early morning coffee.

My Matilda Jane dress arrived this week.

I found this pretty scarf at Cracker Barrel of all places. It will dress up my dress a bit. All three of us girls are wearing Matilda Jane to the play tomorrow. Grandpa said he was sad he did not have an MJ outfit to wear! He likes to tease Kendall and Margaret.

We are all excited about seeing Beauty and the Beast tomorrow. It has gotten wonderful reviews. I am having a little talk with Margaret about theater etiquette today. Kendall attended A Christmas Carol at the Alabama Shakespeare Theater and she was good as gold so I am not worried about her. I am going to remind both girls to be sure and thank Grandpa for this nice treat.

I also found out that Hoffman Distributing will be reprinting some of the Prairie Schooler Patterns!! I was happy to hear this as there are some patterns I missed along the way! I checked out some of them on EBAY but they were too pricy for me. Thanks Hoffman ..all of us Prairie Schooler stitchers applaud you!

The sad in my title refers to the fact that my FitBit died yesterday. I took it to the store where I purchased it so see if it could be "fixed". And apparently they only last about a year. Mine lasted 16 months. I have to say I was disappointed that it did not last longer than that. So now I am going to try the Garmin Vivofit. It is not as expensive as the Fit Bit but I do not need all the bells and whistles the FitBit offers. I just want to know how many steps I walk each day. And before anyone comments that my phone will track my steps, I know that but I do not carry my phone with me all the time so that will not work. A pedometer is too easily lost so I am sold on one I can wear on my arm.  I really have come to rely on my FitBit  to keep me on track with my exercise and I am afraid that without it, I will turn into a slacker.

Margaret and I are on our own today. We will go to the grocery store, do some crafts and pack her bag to go home tomorrow. We will drop her off  on our way home from the play.  It has been a fun week and Elliott is planning that he gets to come NEXT TIME!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Girls

Well one thing I have learned this week....I do not have the energy of a 10 year old and a six year old. These girls make me wish I was young again!! I am hoping they will sleep in a bit this morning so I can get a few things done. And Aunt Mimi( Amelia) has invited Margaret over to swim and to spend the afternoon today so I can go to lunch with my friends and do a few errands. Kendall will go to her Dad's today but he will bring her to spend tomorrow night so we can get on the road for Montgomery on Saturday morning.

Margaret brought some friends with her!!

She chose Chic Fil A for dinner on Tuesday night.

I think the ice cream in exchange for the book in the kids meal made Chic Fil A first choice.

Bedtime  book choices were Goodnight Darth Vader and Goodnight Gorilla.

Wednesday was a shopping day. We went to Madison and Decatur in search of back to school things. And we had to find a pair of shoes for Margaret.

We found these cute sandals to match Margaret's Matilda Jane outfit for the play on Saturday.

Kendall got two dresses, a pair of sandals and some locker supplies for school. This will be her first year to have a locker for storage. Being her Nana's granddaughter, she is all about decorating it just so.

Margaret found a Shimmer and Shine back pack and a Power Puff Girls lunch box for the new school year. We also found a Shimmer and Shine book that had STICKERS!!

Last night Kendall read Goodnight Darth Vader to Margaret. Kendall loves Star Wars and is planning to be Ray for Halloween.

Well I hear someone stirring so I better go and get some breakfast for the girlies. Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another Happy

As you know I love to give Happies to my friends. It need not be something big or expensive. I keep my eye out for things that I might use as a Happy and put it away until needed.

Last week my friend, Sharon, prepared a meal for our Titus Ladies group. I wanted to take her a Happy to show her how much I appreciated her effort.  While I was at the Mennonite grocery store, I saw a pretty cotton towel that said, Bless the Cook Who Serves Love and Laughter.  I promptly put it in my cart!

As you can see I had some ribbon on hand so I rolled the towel up and tied a pretty bow. When you get to be our age there is not much that you really need but everyone can use a nice fresh dishtowel.  And speaking of ribbon....I save all the pretty pieces of ribbon that come on packages etc Often they can be reused. My mother knows I use lots of ribbon and she had received a gift that had some gros grain ribbon around it. She saved it for me. I will press it a bit and put it in my stash. And if you do not want to get out the iron you can easily straighten the ribbon with a flat iron for hair. Be sure and test a small piece do not want melted ribbon on your flat iron. And delicate ribbon still requires an iron on low heat. Gros Grain ribbon is pretty hardy so the flat iron works well on it.

Margaret is here and Kendall is spending two nights also. I will post some pictures tomorrow. I got tickled at them last night as they were hungry before bedtime and I fixed them a bowl of cereal. Margaret said, "I've never had breakfast at bedtime!" We ended up calling it a Brack...Bedtime snack. It must have helped them sleep because they are both still sawing logs this morning.  Today we are off in search of back packs and lunch bags.  It is good to have two sweet girls visiting. As neither has a sister, they enjoy being together.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dollar Tree Pantry Organization

Last week I took one look at my pantry and decided it needed some attention.  For $10 I purchased some perky pink and green containers at my local Dollar Tree and I set to work. I wish I had remembered to take a before picture but I would have been too embarrassed to post it so you will just be seeing the AFTER.

One think I like about my townhouse is the storage. I am very fortunate to have a nice pantry just off my laundry room. It is near the kitchen so it is not inconvenient to fetch whatever I need for meals. I have a SNACK cabinet in the kitchen that the grands use for all their snack items. We have a rule that if it is in the Snack Cabinet you may help yourself. This rule was made after Grandpa allowed a grand to eat something that was NOT in the snack cabinet and I was planning to use it for lunch. Grandfather he knows the rule too.

I  need to purchase a few more labels for the front of the boxes so that I can stay organized.  I  like the preppy colors that greet me when I open the pantry door.

What would we do without plastic bags?

My favorite apron hangs on a hook for easy access. I try to wear an apron when cooking as I have splattered oil on several clothing items. I learned my lesson.

Hooks on the opposite wall hold some insulated bags, reusable grocery bags and more aprons

Some things are stored on the floor but I tried to corral them. The green basket holds all my cleaning rags while the pink basket holds cleaning products.

More big items that will not fit on the shelves.

So now my pantry is organized and I hope I can keep on top of it.  Cleaning out the pantry led me to clean out my kitchen cabinets as well. And that is a good thing as The Martha would say!

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Weekend

Marvin took Friday off so we could drive to north Georgia( noGa). We had a 9 am meeting with our contractor  on Saturday morning so we knew we did not want to get up at o dark thirty and drive three hours. When we arrived on Friday evening, my mother and my sisters had prepared a lovely meal with all the good things Marvin enjoys. Truly my mother and my sisters put Cracker Barrel or any other country cooking restaurant to shame. We had country fried steak, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, fried okra and sautéed zucchini.  For dessert we had a brown sugar cake with cream cheese frosting. Oh my it was delicious.

We were all a little anxious Friday evening as Bruce was on duty at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dalton. Bruce is a deputy sheriff in Whitfield County.  Bruce reported that it was a very orderly protest and the Dalton Police Department had prepared hotdogs and cold drinks for the marchers.  One of the best things about living in a smaller town is that for the most part, the people really care about each other.

Early Saturday morning Marvin and Bruce met with our contractor, Mont and his "dozer man" Mike. The first order of business is to complete the road to the property and then it will be time to get a foundation started.

Here is a picture of our recent addition....a connector to the main road. As soon as Mont gets a building permit we will have an address! That will make it seem very real! Our address will be on the OLD CCC Camp Road. This road was built by the Civil Conservation Corp back in the old days.

We left soon after our meeting as we had to be back in Decatur for Sunday. On the way home we stopped at Big Daddy's in Stevenson, Alabama to gas up and get a snack. I noticed that they had some YETI cups for sale. I have been wanting one since I purchased one for Marvin for Christmas. He loves his! They keep coffee hot for hours as well as keeping a cold drink cold. Marvin drinks coffee until lunch time then switches to ice water.   So I was using mine this morning and forgot that  they keep coffee really hot...oops...burned tongue.  Hopefully I have learned my lesson.

We had to be back in Decatur for Sunday because we had to prepare communion at church and I was signed up  for the nursery.  So it was a busy day. Preparing communion for two big Sunday morning services with just a short break between services is quite a challenge. So the next time you have a communion service at your church, say a prayer for those who prepare it. It is a labor of love for Marvin and myself.  Then after helping prepare communion, I had to work with the three and four year olds. Let's just say by the time I got to lunch I was pretty tired. The Sunday Afternoon nap was looking better and better.

We always have lunch with our friends, Barry and Sharon. We were discussing a Christmas event to be held in Nashville and we decided to get tickets to see Home Free's Christmas Concert. You may have seen the music video of them singing God Bless the USA over the July 4th weekend. Lots of people on my Facebook Feed were sharing their rendition of the Lee Greenwood hit.  So now I have a Christmas event to look forward to in December.  And can you believe we re already making plans for DECEMBER? This year is flying by!!

And while we were having a busy weekend, the Roberts family was on a camping trip to Kentucky and Indiana.

Here they are in Mammoth Cave. Looks rather spooky doesn't it?  Todd and Amelia are sharing their love of camping with the kiddos.

And now it is Monday and I am looking forward to picking up my favorite six year old tomorrow. Miss Margaret is coming to spend the week with us. I am off to the market this morning to get all the food stuffs she requested.:) As any good Nana would do!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Stream

It is Friday and I have no particular post in mind so we will just swim along together in my stream of consciousness.

1.Nice....I only heard about the tragedy there this morning when I got up. I am concerned for my friend, Susan, who is on a River Cruise in the South of France. I hope she and Dave are safely on board the boat.  And I am worried about the Olympics. I see this worldwide sporting event as the perfect target for ISIS. We really need to pray for our country and our world. Update...Susan just posted on Facebook that Bastille Day has a whole new meaning for her today. So glad she is safe.

2. I enjoyed a lovely meal last night with my Titus Ladies Group. Sharon prepared a lovely salad supper for five and we had such fun, laughing and talking and eating. I made a Chocolate Trifle for dessert and it was yummy.  I am known for trying out new recipes at special events. So far it has worked out for me. Sharon sent me home with some delicious mushroom soup that I will enjoy over the weekend. I will share both recipes next week.

3. In addition to a heavy heart for France, I am praying for Kayleigh, the granddaughter of our friends. She was air lifted off the Disney Cruise and taken to Miami for surgery to relieve the pressure in her brain.  If you want to read more of her story you can find updates at Prayers for Kayleigh on Facebook.

4. I took another trip to the Mennonite Grocery yesterday. It was such a pretty morning. The farms looked pristine if in need of some rain. While driving down a road deep in the country I saw a mailbox with a purple ribbon on it. All over the area, people have placed purple bows to remember to pray for Kayleigh.  It touched my heart that even in terrible times, there are people praying for one another.

5. And in the afternoon, what did I hear but Thunder!! We are in dire need of rain and we are thankful to God for the good rain we got yesterday. This morning there is a nice breeze so the rain seems to have cooled down the temps a bit too.

6. I am looking forward to some time with Margaret next week. We will pick her up on Tuesday and take her home on Saturday. Marvin and I are taking Kendall and Margaret to see Beauty and The Beast on Saturday. I am hoping they have a good time and will remember this weekend fondly as they grow up. I think Grandpa is planning a Braves game excursion for Ben, Charles and Landon. Charles is not a big baseball fan but he likes spending time with the Grimm Mens Club.

7 We are off to north Georgia to speak with our "Dozer Man". He will complete the driveway and the site preparation so that our little house can become a reality. Maybe it will be done by Thanksgiving.

Have a good weekend dear friends...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Posting tonight as I am off to breakfast tomorrow with Deborah while Susan is visiting the South of France.

This is Felix Flamingo, the giant flamingo pool toy at the Roberts home. Kendall is taking a break from swimming.

I was at the Hartselle Rec all by myself as Amelia could not get away to paint last night. I took her flamingo to her home so she could paint it there. Here is my flamingo...I named her Amy Farrah Flamingo. Amy Farrah Fowler is one of my favorite characters on Big Bang.

She will keep watch over the back hallway for the month of July.  Next month's project will be a Boll of Cotton.

Hope you all have a great day!! Think Pink!