Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Lunch in Murphy

Thursday morning we set out for the wedding in Brevard. We decided to take the back roads from Chatsworth . We went up 411 to Highway 64....oh my goodness. If you want to take a curvy road then Highway 64 is for you. Let me just put it this way, as we came down the mountain to Brevard I breathed a sigh of relief.:)

Halfway between Chatsworth and Brevard we stopped in Murphy NC for lunch. I had never been to Murphy but I do remember hearing stories about couples eloping there because you did not need a blood test to get married. ( I am really dating myself here.) It is a cute small town and with the help of Trip Advisor we found a local place to eat lunch.

The Red Brick Deli...

That is a picture of the owner on the back of the tees. He was a very nice guy....circulating around the restaurant between turning out sandwiches in the kitchen.

The sandwiches were huge and could easily be shared. We also got some apple pie to share and it was the hit of the deli for me. It was so good.

The owner began talking with us and when he found out that Amy was from the Keys, he gifted us a slice of his home made Key Lime pie.

It was very good and served with home made whipped cream. Turns out Bram had lived and worked in the Keys so he enjoyed chatting with Amy.

So if you are ever in the area, check out Red Brick Deli.

We needed fortification for the afternoon drive because the road only got worse. I am so glad Marvin is a good driver. It was pretty much hair pin curves for 40 miles. I declared that we were taking the Interstate home from Brevard!!

We arrived around four in the afternoon and checked into our Air B and B.  We enjoyed dinner at Square Root restaurant and then spent some time visiting Barbara, William and their children in front of a roaring fire. Maggie and Seth came in and we got some one on one time with the happy couple.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


We were off to the wedding on Wednesday morning. We stopped in Madison, Alabama to pick up my sis in law, Amy. She was in the area visiting friends so it was perfect timing for her to join us for a trip to North Carolina.

We stopped in Chatsworth for the night. I took the chance to do my Christmas decorating at Grimmwood.

I put up our little tree. It has lots of hand stitched ornaments.

Chicken Joy by Priscilla and Chelsea.

The mantle.

Smoky Mountain Christmas comes out again.

I had forgotten about the Melissa and Doug manger scene that Leta found on sale after Christmas. I moved it under the tree.

In the afternoon we took a trip around the community so Amy could see the sights. Fort Mountain looked very pretty in the autumn sun.

We got a good night's sleep and headed off to NC on Thursday morning.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Susan

Last week was a week of celebrations. First we started off with a birthday party for Susan.

Tuesday was the most frigid day of this fall. Wind chill was brutal and we were afraid some of the ladies would rather stay home in their jammies.

Deborah and I had a lovely young assistant, Deborah's granddaughter, Olivia. She is home schooled and was visiting her grandmother that day. She was so sweet in greeting the ladies, hanging up coats and  doing anything we asked of her. We all need an Olivia.

Marvin came to help set up tables and he took this lovely group photo.

Susan is such a great friend that even the weather could not keep the ladies away.

The fire was much needed!

Finger Foods.

The gift table.

A yummy cake surrounded with pictures of Susan through the years.

We used this book as a guest register. Each lady signed her best wishes on the inside cover. I told Susan that 70 is the new 50!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Blog Break

Yes blogging is fun but this week is going to be super busy for me. Deborah and I are giving a birthday party for Susan on Tuesday then we have a lot of wedding activities at the end of the week.  I seldom take long breaks but I am getting to be an old lady and I have to slow down a bit.:)  I plan to be back on the 18th and I hope to have lots of fun pictures to share.  I will be back to reading and commenting on the 18th as well! If you miss me, please take time to visit some of the sweet ladies on my blog roll.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Saturday Stitching

My big excitement for this week was getting a call from the framer that Yuletide At Thistle Hill was ready and waiting for me at Slates Framing in Hartselle.

I love this stitch!

I hung it on the wall with my Prairie Schoolers and I plan to leave it up all year just as I leave up the Prairie Schooler Christmas Village.

I moved one of my PS villages to the guest room

It is perfect there.

I also did some tidying in my craft closet.

I found the small craft cart at Aldis and it is perfect for holding embellishments etc. I divided up my fabrics into seasons and put them in the big drawers. Now I can find what I am looking for without any problem. Tidying brings such  a productive feeling.

I also went through my charts and put some aside to put on the Give a Way Table at the retreat I am going to in Huntsville in January.  I had some impulse purchases that I knew I would never stitch but I was enabled by Floss Tube. I am learning to be more discerning.:)

Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Five

1 and 2

I had enjoyed Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus so I was eager to read her new book, The Starless Sea. So far I am enjoying it. If you love books, this novel is filled with things that you will enjoy. I will say that as most modern books there are some themes I do not care for but I am going to read it to the end to see what I think.  Number 2 is Starbuck's Pink Drink. Strawberry Acai and Coconut Milk. Several of my younger friends rave about this  treat so I picked up a small one. Let's jut say it was delicious but the price for a small one will make it a definite treat and not every trip to Target  occurrence.

3. Pony Rides.

Yes some birthday parties still have pony rides! Audrey was one lucky little girl.

4. A New Hat

Our niece is getting married in November in the Pisgah Forest of North Carolina. At five in the evening. I needed something to preserve my body heat. I am packing some cuddle duds as well.  BTW, I found this at Cracker Barrel of all places.

5.  A Halloween Card

This cute little witch arrived in my mailbox last week. One of my sweet blog friends sent it to me. I love Mary Engelbreit designs so I was delighted to display it with the rest of my Halloween decor.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

These photos popped up on Marvin's Facebook Memories this week.

Landon and Hudson were celebrating their birthdays together. Landon's is on the 27th of October and Hudson's is December 2nd but they love to celebrate in the middle. BTW, Margaret and Hudson share a birthday!

Eight Years Old.

The toothless cousins.

The Brothers Grimm

Kendall and Margaret.

Hampton and Todd. Kendall and Hampton will seldom let us get a photo of them these days. But they are in those awkward years so I understand.

One of the best parts of Facebook is the reminders of fun times with the grands.