Monday, October 23, 2017

Shopping Days

Last Wednesday I met my good friend, Cynthia for breakfast and shopping. We started off the morning at Whisk'd.  It is a new breakfast restaurant located in the Albany Heritage historic district. I had a sausage biscuit and eggs while Cynthia tried the Banana Bread French Toast. She let me have a bite and it was very good. This restaurant is a bit trendy for Decatur but I hope it will catch on!

After breakfast we went downtown to browse the shops on Bank Street. I found these cute socks at The Cupboard.

Worlds Softest Socks and they feel like they live up to the hype. I think this might be a good gift for some ladies on my Christmas Gift List.

Next was Tammy Eddy Antiques and Gifts.  I love this store and I had been watching their Facebook page as I saw these cute chickens.

When Tammy offered them to me for 25% off I said, Yes Please. They came to live in Georgia at Grimmwood. They seemed very happy to settle into their new home.

Speaking of Grimmwood...

We sure did enjoy our days there.

It was quite chilly on Friday morning so we were able to enjoy our gas logs.

Also while we were there we picked up a new piece of furniture from Yesteryears of Tennga.

We needed a place to put some of the clothes and linens we keep at the little house.  We moved the old piece we were using to the guest room.

It is perfect for a luggage stand for the guests and it holds extra towels and linens.  Sorry that it is a bit blurry. I guess I was excited after moving everything around and getting organized.

Tennga, Georgia is a little town that is on the Tennessee Georgia Line. Yesteryears was the community store for many years and now it is an antique and junk shop.  They do have a Facebook page that I keep my eye on! I am looking for a dough bowl and these ladies tell me they can find one for me.

So that was the end of my week...tomorrow I will take you along to the Georgia Tech Homecoming!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stitching Saturday

I had two finishes this week...

Pumpkin Spice Farm by Hands on Design is such a cutie. I went by Hobby Lobby to pick up some fabric for finishing.

I also finished another Christmas ornament for Grimmwood. Just one to go to get my total of 12.

I will have to have a finishing day next week.

I have two Thanksgiving pieces in the works.

I think I will change the black bird to a pumpkin! Not a fan of him in particular.

This  one may not be finished until next year!

Now on to Christmas stitching...

Up on the Rooftop...I am glad Hoffman is releasing some of the old patterns but I miss the cardboard patterns of the good old days. These patterns are so flimsy.

Silent Night...

My last ornament for Grimmwood in progress.

My Christmas  Cottage for December. I am loving this linen I found at my LNS.

One stitch at a time...hopefully all will be done by the holidays.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to his young man running on the beach at Tybee Island. Yesterday was Marvin's 66th birthday.  He still has that great just has a few more aches and pains.  Carrot Cake was the flavor of the birthday cake, as it is every year.  Dinner out was at All Steak in Cullman, Alabama. If you are ever in NoAla, that is a great restaurant to try out!  He is much loved and much admired here in Nanaland.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pretty in Pink

My friend, Melinda, finished her pink baby quilt and sent me a photo of it quilted and the edges done. She tried using a sheet for the batting in this one as she had always wanted to try that method. Melinda reported that it was harder to quilt and she felt the quilting did not show up as well as on regular batting. Live and Learn. I think it is just beautiful.

I come from a line of quilters. My grandmother and her sister, Nannie, were quilters. I had several of Aunt Nannie's quilts that my children used until they were loved to death. I tried quilting back when my kids were little. It was in the day that Georgia Bonesteel reigned on tv with her lap quilting. I did make a sofa cushion using the Bow Tie Pattern. I hand pieced it and quilted it. It looked great but I was so OCD about everything lining up perfectly that I just did not enjoy the handwork. I know that Counted Cross Stitch is my medium for relaxation and enjoyment.

My grandmother, Lena, was very good at all handwork. My mother was just remarking the other day that Grandmother could do just about anything she set her mind to do! She tatted beautiful edging for pillowcases and dresses. I tried Needle tatting and I could do it but it is not as pretty as shuttle tatting. So many of these types of handworks are becoming a lost art. My old friend, Euny, lives in the Dublin Ohio area and each year she teaches tatting at the Irish Festival there. I hope she is passing on the art!

We are off to Georgia...looking forward to some porch sitting in this pretty weather.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall at Church

Our church is blessed to have so many talented ladies who keep our church looking so nice. First is Darlene, who cleans and does all the dirty work. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help out any time you need her. She has a real servants heart. If the church is dirty, no amount of decorating can help that!!

Other ladies keep the church decorated for the seasons...I was noticing how pretty the mantle in the Fireplace Room looked on Sunday evening.

We have a cozy area to sit and have a cup of coffee as we visit with friends before services.

Here is a close up!

This pretty bouquet is by the coffee bar.

I did not get a picture of the arrangement in the sanctuary. Ella outdid herself with her fall display and I hope to get a photo of it to add one day soon. Being in Alabama, we love to use cotton in our autumnal decorating. So keep an eye out and  I will share it one day soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gift Time

I got two sweet gifts this week. One I told you gift from Christian.

Red is one of my favorite colors! And in China, they package gifts so nicely!!

My sweet niece, Laura, came by for a visit at Grimmwood on Friday. She brought me this gift.

She saw this dish cloth and knew her Aunt Nenie would love this at the farm house. She also brought Marvin and me some apple caramel Biscotti.

Finally I got my barn picture back from the framer and it is at home in Grimmwood now.

I think the barn wood frame sets it off perfectly.( Pardon the glare).

Who does not like to receive a "happy"? I am thankful for the caring people in my life.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Rare Treat

This weekend was a special one for Marvin and me. We got to meet a young man we have been hearing about since youngest Son, Charles, was a teacher in China.  His best friend there was Christian. Charles visited Christian's home and spent many hours growing a friendship that would last through the years and over many miles.

Christian came to America on a business trip along with his boss, Kevin. ( Most Chinese have an "english" name they use when among English speakers. It just makes it easier for us Yanks.)

Christian was able to spend the day with Charles and Nancy. Marvin and I made a visit to Canton to meet our Chinese Son. Christian calls us his American parents, even though he has not met us, we have communicated online.

I love this guy!!

Looking at pictures of Christian's son and daughter, my Chinese grands.

Our two sons and Miss Audrey.

I introduced Chtistian to a Southern Delicacy, Banana Pudding. Although strictly speaking this is a variation. I used Nutter Butters instead of vanilla wafers. We had this in a restaurant in Jasper, GA and I copied the recipe! It is yummy if I do say so myself.

We exchanged gifts. Christian gave me a beautiful red ink pen along with a Chinese bookmark. I gave Christian an ALABAMA Crimson Tide tee shirt. I told him that now everyone would know he was from Alabama.

We hope the next time Christian visits that he can bring his wife and children. I would love to see my Chinese grands in person!