Friday, November 17, 2017

A Lovely Surprise

Yesterday was one of those nice days that you find you look back on with fondness. Marvin had an appointment in Birmingham to get his pre op done for his next surgery on Nov 30th. He will have a cyst removed from his parotid gland. Hopefully it will just be day surgery. His surgeon told us we might be able to go home as I am a nurse and can keep a good watch on things.

The Highlands Hospital of UAB is such a nice hospital. Every one was very gracious and helpful. That is always comforting when you must have a procedure done.  We were in and out in one hour so we headed north to Gardendale to enjoy lunch at Wintzell's Sea Food. I had a Shrimp Po Boy and Marvin enjoyed shrimp and grits.  It was DELICIOUS.

Then we stopped in Falkville, Alabama to do some shopping at the Mennonite Grocery store. I picked up a supply of their excellent chocolates for my mother. I might have saved one or two for myself.

Errands in Hartselle and then home to Decatur.  I was just thinking what a lovely day we had enjoyed as I opened the mailbox to check the mail. There was a package inside and I thought to myself, "I"m not expecting anything."  Look what I received...

My high school friend, Sharon sent me this beautiful cross for my cross wall. I love it and her sweet generosity. My cross wall is filling up. Each cross is special to me and reminds me of a friend or family member.

Tomorrow I am off for a girls day with my friend, Diane. We are going to Scottsboro, Al home of Unclaimed Baggage. This store is where all the contents of missing and unclaimed luggage from air travel finds  a home. Sometimes you can get a real bargain.  We are going to explore the downtown area which is a quintessential  old Southern Town. Rumor is they even have a soda fountain!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I Need a Little Christmas

I have been doing a little Christmas decorating each day. As  you know I am a big Mrs Erica fan. She has many interesting posts on her You Tube channel. One of my favorites is a tour of her friend's house at Christmas. This lady really decorates her house to the nines. But she mentioned something simple that I thought I would use in my own home.

She suggested that you put colorful floral picks into your potted plants. I saw this pretty pick at Pineapples, a local decor store.

I am so proud of this plant....I can never keep a plant alive. And this is a special plant, given to me by my friend, Deborah, when my father passed away four years ago. Just hoping the pick does not kill it!!:)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Fine Seamstress

I was saddened to hear of the death of Nancy Zieman of Nancy's Notions and Sewing with Nancy on PBS.

When I was a young "sewer" I watched Nancy to find out how to do things the right way! She explained sewing techniques so simply and thoroughly.   As a nurse, I always thought she must have had a stroke at some point in her life due to the obvious drooping of one side of her face. After doing some research I found out that she had suffered from Bell's Palsy at a very young age and the facial paralysis did not diminish.  Her parents encouraged her in all her pursuits and her talent led to Sewing with Nancy.

Often we feel that we know the people we watch on television. I always thought if I met Nancy in person we would be instant friends.  Her graciousness reached through the television screen.  Thankfully her knowledge will continue to be passed on as reruns of her programs air and perhaps a new generation of seamstresses will be taught by the best!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Stream

Good Morning....its a bit chilly but let's get our toes wet anyway.

1. Many of you reminded me that while I might get under the Table Tent, getting out could be a problem. You are right....I will rethink that idea. However last week I had to help Marvin put his shoes on due to the no BLTs. I just sat cross legged on the floor( criss cross applesauce for all you who might have been nursery school teachers at one time.)  And I will have you know I got up with no help at all.  Marvin was very impressed.:)

2. Speaking of nursery school...some of you may not know that I taught two year olds at Central Weekday School for ten years. Most of my former students are in college now. I was shopping with a friend at The Cupboard on Bank Street recently when I saw  young couple registering there for wedding gifts. The young man looked very familiar. I asked if he was B and he said yes. I told him who I was and in return got a big hug and caught up on his life since nursery school.  The problem with teaching twos is that many of them do not remember you at all...and that is a bit sad as I loved each of them so much. They will always be my kids.

3.I am going to confess that I am slowly getting out my Christmas decorations. I try to do one or two things each day. Since Marvin is out of commission and the grands are not available this week I had to resort to desperate measures.  I turned on the Sounds of the Season on our cable network yesterday and they are already playing Christmas music.  So I had some accompaniment in my decorating. I will not do the tree yet just some of the smaller things. We will not be here for Thanksgiving so I do not feel too badly about rushing things.

4.I just finished a book that has been much talked about, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I had high hopes for it but basically it is a rehashing of the Mommy Wars.  What constitutes a good mother? Does love count for more than things?  As with most family matters, this is a complicated issue and when it comes down to it a good mother will sacrifice almost anything to give her child its best chance in life.  The Biblical Account of King Solomon's wisdom in dealing with two mothers who claimed one child came to mind as I read this book.

5.  We will be having Thanksgiving on Saturday at Amelia's home and we were hoping to do an "outside" Thanksgiving. Todd and Amelia have a beautiful spot all fixed up with outdoor lighting. Now I am reading that rain is in the forecast. I am going to pray that the rain comes in the morning and allows us to have our meal outside ala Pilgrimm Style. ( Yes, we like to spell it Pilgrimm.)

6. I received a lovely Thanksgiving Card yesterday from a dear blog friend. It made my day. She makes her own cards and they are always lovely. I collect them  and bring them out each year as part of my fall decor. I am amazed at the creativity of many of my blog pals.  Of course most people who enjoy writing have a creative streak!

Well it is house cleaning day here so I need to get busy. Have a blessed day dear friends.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Grimmlin Fun

We surely did enjoy having the Hoover Grimmlins visit us on Saturday. They arrived just in time for lunch( Happy Meals at their request). We also had Krispy Kreme donuts as that is a favorite of Baylor Man. He always expects Grandpa to have some donuts for him.

After lunch, Grandpa, Uncle Ben, Margaret and Elliott went to see Landon play basketball. Landon must have been motivated by all the family cheering him on because he scored six points!  After the game, Grandpa got some pictures for me.

Go Priceville Bulldogs!!

These two have been buddies since they attended Nana School together as little ones. Every week I would have the two of them with me and we had a great time, playing and learning together.

Meanwhile I was at home with Baylor.

We hung out and made tents with blankets. Baylor loved hiding in the tent with his iPad.

When the siblings got home, they were fascinated by our creation as well.

Elliott was still enjoying his lollipop from the game.

Margaret spent the night with us and we took her to Katy after church and lunch. Katy's nephew is getting married next spring and the family was hosting an engagement party here in Decatur.

Making that tent gave me an idea for hiding out from Marvin on the days he is home.:) But I am afraid he would figure out it was me under the table because I do not fit as well as the young uns.
Seeing these three enjoying a simple pleasure was a fun thing for Nana.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday Stitching

I have been stitching away on Christmas projects but I took some time out yesterday to do some finishing.

I stitched this Ink Circles Christmas ornament and added it to a snow flake from Dollar Tree. I used the DMC variegated blue floss. This will be a wedding gift for some special people at our church. Our assistant pastor who is a widower is marrying one of our great friends who was widowed six years ago.  The ladies in our Sunday School Class will be handing out programs, manning the gift table and just all out helping where needed on the wedding day which is November 18th. I wanted the  happy couple to have a special ornament along with the gift card we are enclosing in the gift box.

December is ready for display.

And finally...

I decided to do this ornament simply so we can focus on the message. It will go to Grimmwood. Of course after I finished it I had second thoughts. I should have sandwiched some raffia between the cross stitch and the backing. It would have looked like hay!! Oh well...I might do that when I cross stitch another farm animal.

I was thinking of all the veterans in my family on this Veterans Day.  From my ancestor, Thomas Lowery who fought at the Battle of Cowpens in the Revolutionary War to my young cousin, Blake Henderson who served in the US Army.  I am thankful for these men who served their country! Freedom is not takes the sacrifice of many.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Facebook Friday

Oh how I love my coffee in the morning!

I am always a nicer person after I have had my big Yeti full of coffee and some time reading my all the blog posts of my blogging friends.

My blog friend, Dawn, shared this one.

One of the hardest things about getting used to semi retirement for Marvin is the fact that I had all these little routines that I am having to adjust.  If you know me, I do not do well with change and as I get older it seems that change of any kind is harder. Am I the only one who feels this? Please tell me I am not crazy.:)

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Ben and the Grimmlins are coming to visit. Katy is celebrating her birthday with her girlfriends so Ben is coming here as he knows Mom will help him with the kiddos. ( I feel kind of like Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond.)