Wednesday, May 23, 2012

After lunching with Kendall I came home to meet with my Pampered Chef consultant, Meagan. I had an order to place so she and her darling daughter, Stella, came over to get all the details. While Stella played in the Grandkids Corner, Meagan and I had a good time chatting and finalizing my order.  I met Meagan at our MOPS group and I did not realize she was a Pampered Chef consultant. I love Pampered Chef products and I had a list of items I wanted to purchase. After sharing Pampered Chef catalog with several friends I had enough orders for a "party". Sweet Meaghan brought me some goodies to welcome me as one of her new customers.  I thought that was so kind and generous of her. You can see the pictures of my goodies....a Pampered Chef bag, recipe cards and two jars of oil dipping herbs!! I will certainly enjoy trying those!  I have owned many Pampered Chef items and I find them to be quality products. One of the items I wanted to order is the gallon pitcher with a plunger that is great for making iced tea(A Southern Staple!) I have one but it is ten years old and while it still works fine, I wanted a back up! Meagan shared with me that the new plunger is heat proof. Well I had to admit to her that I had used the original plunger to mix up my hot tea and sugar before adding additional water and I had never had any problems! Another proof of the quality of Pampered Chef.  When I get in my order I will be sure to share pictures of my goodies!

Last night, Marvin and I attended a reception to honor Mrs Joann Spears. Mrs Spears taught all three of our children at Cornerstone Christian School.  After 42 years of teaching, she is retiring.  I think she deserves it although I cannot picture Mrs Spears as a lady of leisure. We enjoyed seeing many old friends from our days at Cornerstone. As I saw many young adults that I had known as children, it reminded me that time passes so quickly, we need to make the most of each moment.   And I was reminded of all the great teachers I know and have known, what a blessing they are!! I hope all my teacher friends have a great summer of rest and refreshment.  The way this year is rushing by, fall will be here before we know it!


Anonymous said...

Arlene, I've never been to a Pampered Chef party. Those goodies sound wonderful though!

42 years of teaching - wow! That is great and I hope she has many lovely years of retirement.

Mrs.T said...

Wasn't that so sweet of your friend to bring you some Pampered Chef goodies? I have been to a few parties over the years and their things are so nice.

So nice that you could reconnect with some young adults you knew as children long ago at the retirement party. It's amazing that your friend had taught for 42 years. I hope she enjoys every minute of her retirement!