Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do all school lunchrooms smell alike? When I walked into Kendall's lunchroom today, I was transported back to my own days at Eton Elementary. There are some differences. The lunch room ladies do not look like the "old cafeteria ladies" at my school. Milk is served in cartons and not in glasses. Plates are disposable and there is a computer station at the check out where children key in their "number" as they get their lunch.  When I was a child you got a hot cooked lunch for 25 cents. My favorite day was meatloaf day...those ladies put out a mean meatloaf and the home baked ROLLS. I loved the yeast rolls at our school. I would love to have one right now!!

Kendall was so excited to see Nana waiting for her in the hallway near the cafeteria. It really made me feel like a negligent Nana for showing up on the next to the last day of school. While we ate lunch, Kendall questioned me about what we are going to do this summer as she and Bubba will be staying with me and their Mimi while Mom works.  I am sure crafts are in our future. Trips to the library and play dates with our MOPs group will add to the fun. While Bubba is content to play quietly with his toys, Kendall likes to be entertained.:) That girl keeps me on my toes!

We are looking forward to summertime...lazy days, a trip to the beach and memories that are just waiting to be made!

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Anonymous said...

The school year has gone by quickly! Here school is in session until late June.