Monday, May 21, 2012

I am enjoying a few quiet moments here in Nanaland. My little ones, Bubba and Margaret, were here for the morning and they had a great time together as usual. They were playing together and I heard Bubba say, "Thank You Margaret" and Margaret replied, "You're welcome Bubba!". Now those are moments that you hold in your heart forever. When Margaret moves to Birmingham next month, one little boy is really going to miss her.

The School Year is drawing to an end and I am planning to go and have lunch with Kendall tomorrow. I have had plans to go but never made it so I am going to get there tomorrow. I look forward to meeting her teacher and her little friends. This week includes some doctor's appointments as well as parties ending with Memorial Day Weekend. How is it that this year seems to be flying by?

I finished the kindle book, Charlotte Collins, and I must say it was very good. And it was even better because it was free. Good work Jennifer Becton. You really captured the Jane Austen era. I had to finish up Charlotte Collins because my friend and fellow reader, Susan, called to ask if I would like to borrow Defending Jacob. That book has been the talk of our Book Club and everyone has given it high praise. So I am waiting on Susan to walk down the street to bring it to me. Isn't it grand when your friend lives up the street from you?  I also had a phone chat with friend, Deborah, who is just home from a trip out west. She and her husband asked their grandson to pick a place in the continental USA and they would take him on a trip. Grandson picked The Grand Canyon and it sounds as if they had a GRAND time. These sweet grandparents plan to do this for each of their three grandchildren. I asked if I could be adopted!!

And now it is time to finish up some chores, plan dinner and I hope to end the evening curled up with a good book.

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