Friday, May 18, 2012

I had a lovely birthday and I am continuing the celebration tonight as I go to dinner in Huntsville with my sweet husband. He is even going to walk around the Mall with me!! And for him, that is a sacrifice. :)  There is nothing like a Facebook many sweet greetings from friends and family. I feel very loved!  I had breakfast with my friend, Diane, this morning and she filled me in on the Dark Shadows movie. When I was a child, Dark Shadows was so scary In fact, my mother would not allow us to watch that show because it was about witches and vampires. But my Grandmother Henderson watched it every afternoon and if we were at her house, we got to watch Dark Shadows. The Scyfy channel did some reruns of the show years ago and I was surprised at how "tame" it seemed compared to my memories. Both Diane and I thought that the music and the scenery added to the atmosphere of the old tv show.  Diane said the movie was entertaining and she thought I would enjoy seeing it. I guess the older you get, the more you enjoy nostalgia. So I just might go and check it out this weekend. Other than that, no big plans for the weekend. In fact, I love a weekend that allows me to do whatever I choose. Chores await! Have a great day friends.


Mrs.T said...

Have a lovely dinner out and a walk around the mall! How fun that you could celebrate your birthday all week!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful dinner out with your sweet husband!

I vaguely remember Dark Shadows. My grandmother watched it. It was a drama not a comedy as I remember. This movie is a comedy so I wonder how much it will be like the originals? Johnny Depp is always good though. Enjoy!

Dewilla Hooper said...

I used to love to watch Dark Shadows! It was so eerie that it was funny. The new movie looks like a comedy. It would have to be a comedy these days, in order to be a little bit believable compared to all of the new vampire movies!!!! HA!