Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is my birthday week and I am celebrating all week long!!  Because my birthday and Mothers Day are so close together, I sometimes get a Big Gift for both special days. Marvin and I have been married long enough that he always asks me what I want! The first year we were married he made a major boo boo when he got me Down Pillows for the bed for my birthday gift! He told me "Well you said you loved Down Pillows!" Yes I did love down pillows but I did not want them for my birthday!!  I have to say in his defense that he was listening at least!! And over the years he has surprised me a few times with gifts that were unexpected and LOVED.( A Ray Ellis print for my 40th bd and Louisville Stoneware pieces for my 50th bd!)  So this year when he asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told him that I wanted some new chairs for my dining room table. I love antiques but the antique chairs that went with my table were so uncomfortable. I had replaced the seat covers last year but it just did not make them any more pleasant to sit in while dining.  I had been looking at decorating magazines and got the idea to use parson chairs as a replacement.  My dear friend, Susan, sent me an email last Sunday to tell me that Steinmart had a great sale on Parsons Chairs and they had several styles to choose from as well. So now I am the proud owner of six new chairs! I think they look great at the table and they are much more comfortable than the old ones. Son Charles had complained for years that the old chairs were awful and even he gave these chairs a thumbs up. I got two linen chairs to use when I have a full table but otherwise they are placed on either side of my buffet and I can pull them out to use in the living room when we have company.  I love to purchase things that make my home more comfortable for my family and guests. So I am a happy camper this week....Happy Birthday to Me.


Mrs.T said...

Happy Birthday Week, Arlene! Enjoy every moment of your celebrations!

The chairs look very nice. What a great gift!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Arlene! May you have a glorious week!