Sunday, May 27, 2012

 I thought I would share a few pictures of my grands this morning. Here is Kendall with her book bag, all ready to head to the library.  She picked a pink and green TJ Maxx bag from my "stash" as pink and green are her favorite colors. It was Landon's first trip to the library with us but he did great! He loved playing with the toys and he was so happy to find a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD.
 Here is my silly boy....sitting on the stairs, waiting for me and Kendall. Marvin loves the Brad Paisley song, Waitin on a Woman. Landon will find out that men do have to wait on women quite a bit!! As you can see Bubba was sticking out his tongue at me!
 Yesterday we had the family over for a cookout. Here is Margaret, enjoying a cold beverage while sitting in Grandpa's lap.
And finally, our Baylor Boy!! He has learned to walk!! He is still a bit unsteady and would rather just crawl but it is so fun to see him toddling around.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday! We are off to church then hopefully a quiet Sunday afternoon here at Nanaland.

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