Saturday, May 19, 2012

Today is a day with nothing planned!! Oh how I love those kind of days. Marvin and I have been working on sorting photos that belonged to his parents. We are going to scan them then burn them to CDs for all the siblings. When that is done, we will divide the pictures up between all the brothers and sisters. It is a big job and one that we have been procrastinating on for some while now!! We have sorted the pictures into "eras" and now I need to decide which ones we will scan. Being the organized person(OCD some may say)I am, I have file folders ready to label so I can get on with this chore. I think Marvin and I got the job because I am the official genealogist in the family. It has been fun reading old letters, looking through cards that Marvin received when he was a child...they are antiques now! We have found a treasure trove of old Grimm pictures from the turn of the century. Some are in pristine condition because they were stored in the dark. Marvin says he never saw these pictures when he was growing up. I think Papa got a lot of the old family photographs because in German tradition, the youngest son inherits the family farm. As the Grimm farm was lost in the depression, Papa did not inherit property but he must have gotten all the family photographs. If Papa had inherited the farm he might never have made it to Savannah in WW2 to meet Mama G! It is interesting to look at how God uses all things for our good as we look back in our family history.

If you have a lot of old pictures in boxes, I would encourage you to go through and label all the photographs. Who is this person? Where was in made? In what year approximately. We have tossed some old snapshots because we have no clue who is pictured in them. You might also want to think about sharing some of your photos with your children. Give them the pictures now so you can share with them some of your history. Making photo albums for your adult children with your old photos might be a very good Christmas gift! I went through all my own photos several years ago and gave many to my kids. They were very appreciative of the photo albums featuring them from birth to adulthood. I also gave many photos to my nieces and nephews....I kept a few for myself but I knew I did not need every school picture from first grade. Again, they were so happy to get those photos. I have also made copies of some of our really old family pictures of great great grandparents and I gave those to my children to enjoy. My daughter in law, Katy, was amazed at all the old photos we have in our family. They are indeed a treasure. Recently a Tankersley cousin shared with me a picture of my great great great Grandmother. She was born in 1830 and this photograph was taken at the end of her life. It is so precious to me!!  So get out your old pictures, enjoy them and share them but most of all label them for posterity!!

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