Saturday, May 12, 2012

Well except for the epic fail at cake baking yesterday, I had a really nice day! I am not sure why my "idea" did not work but it is a reminder that baking is basically chemistry and some things just do not work together. The chocolate version of the cake is still great so I will stick with that!

I started off yesterday by attending our last 2011-2012 MOPs meeting. The MOPs board did a great job at making us all feel pampered by hosting a Spa Day. It was fun to try new beauty products and receive a mini chair massage by our own sweet Ashby. I think I just might become a fan of massages!! There was also great food to munch on as we visited while checking out all the different spa stations. I was very touched to receive a beautiful cross to place in my home along with such sweet notes from the MOPs ladies. I know God placed me in this group this year...there is no doubt in my mind that HE knew I would need the love and support of these young women. It is just fun to be around younger ladies! They have so much enthusiasm and they long to be good mothers. They take their jobs very seriously! I am looking forward to being the Grandmother of Preschoolers again in the fall. In the meantime, our group has play dates planned so we can visit together during the summer months.

After MOPs I was off to the grocery store to get all the fixins for the Mothers Day lunch I will have with my own children later today. We are having Mexican Casserole, Guacamole, Rice and Salad. ( Nana will have to get some chicken nuggets for the grands...Mexican is not their favorite!) I decided to go with Gooey Butter Cake for dessert. It will be yummy with the strawberries and whipped cream I had planned for my cake. Gooey Butter Cake is also known in the South as Chess Bars. If you are a Paula Deen fan, you can find this recipe on her website along with a number of variations to the recipe. One is very rich!!

In the evening, Marvin and I watched the final episode of the Jeopardy Teen Tournament. Three very smart young ladies competed to be the winner and we were happy to see all three take home money for their college educations. After that we watched GRIMM...I must say it is a very entertaining program but kind of scary too! So all in all a good day in Nanaland. I am looking forward to time with the kiddos today..hopefully I will have some pictures to share tomorrow!


Dewilla Hooper said...

Sorry about the cake! I'm sure you will work something else out for dessert! You always have great things to try out for your dinners, just like having your own Candlelight Suppers! :0

Arlene Grimm said...

Me and Hyacinth are two peas in a pod Dewilla!!