Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yesterday I was reminded that you never know who may be watching you as you go about your day! After a busy morning, I headed to the post office to mail a package to Ireland. One of my dear friends lives there and I wanted to send her a little box of goodies. Being the organized person I am, I had picked up my Priority Mail box three days ago and the kind man at the main post office included a customs form and estimated how much it would cost to mail the package. I got home, packed up my box, filled out the customs form and took it to the post office that is nearest to  my home. After a wait in line, I finally made it to the counter when the postal worker informed me that just this week, the post office had changed the rules on overseas mail and I must go online, fill out the custom forms, print them and bring them back to the post office along with my package. Now I must say I was aggravated. Why didn't the other postal worker inform me of the changes? This postal worker was very kind and apologetic so I told him that I understood and that he did not make the rules. I mailed a few other things and as I  turned to go I saw a sweet lady from my church was standing in the line behind me. We said hello and I went out to my car. As I sat there for a moment, getting my package put away, I was so grateful that I had been kind rather than angry or peeved!! How important it is to our Christian witness to treat others with dignity and kindness no matter the situation.  I saw a little "pin" on Pinterest that stated, Character is shown by how you treat those who can do nothing for you. Something to think about this morning!

Today I will have a chance to go to the park with my three older grands. We moved Nana School to Wednesday this week because of the long holiday weekend. It is a nice cool morning here so we should have a wonderful time. We will take some treats and have snack time on one of the picnic tables there. Another day to make sweet memories and store them in my heart.


Mrs.T said...

I love that quote about character! Thanks for sharing. What a great testimony about your reaction in the post office. We never know who may be watching us, do we?

Have a wonderful time with your grands at the park! You are storing up memories in their hearts as well as in your own.

Jenn said...

I'm glad you got a nice postal worker! Makes it easier to be nice in return. :)

Anonymous said...

Arlene, what a wonderful quote. I am going to remember this when I am in a frustrating situation. Thank you for sharing.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for the sweet comments friends...I must admit that I have fallen into the trap of getting Snippy with people. I am trying to work on having a good attitude!!