Saturday, June 9, 2012

 Marvin and I just received some new t shirts in the mail the other day. My sweet sister, Leta, mailed these to us. We had purchased these in honor of a good friend of ours who is fighting Leukemia.  Floyd "Perk" Welch is one of my Daddy's best friends.  I have known him since I was a little girl. He has always been a horse lover and rode horses in horse shows as well as "driving" a horse drawn wagon in my home town's annual Wagon Train. I did not know his given name was Floyd until I was a teenager. Everyone called him Perk. Apparently he got this name as a little boy. He was playing cowboy and his mama asked him what his name was and "Perk" was  his answer. So he has been a cowboy at heart for a long time!
Perk was diagnosed with Leukemia about three years ago and he has gone through treatment that has been hard on an 80 year old man. But he is one tough cowboy and continues to fight this disease. Because of his active membership in the local Saddle Club, the members are getting behind him to raise support for a cure. These t shirts are one way that Marvin and I can support our dear friend since neither of us would make it on a trail ride.:)  So here is to our Cowboy Perk....we are so thankful for his friendship to us over the years.

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