Monday, June 11, 2012

 Since Fathers Day is coming up this weekend, I thought I would post some old pictures of me and my Daddy. This is the one that I chose as my profile picture on Facebook this week.  I think it was taken when I was an only child! I look rather dazed but I love the picture anyway.
 And here is one with me and Daddy and Kristi...It is on our front porch. You can see the swing in the background. It reminds me of how our house has changed over the years. My parents still live in the house where they brought me home from the hospital after I was born. Not many people can say that in our mobile society!
And one last picture of Daddy, me and my two younger sisters, Kristi and Leta. We were dressed to go to church when Mother snapped this one.

I am planning a lunch for Marvin on Saturday so he can spend the day with his kids. And some pictures will be made to mark the day. On Sunday I will call my Daddy to wish him a Happy Fathers Day. I will also remember my other "fathers' who are in Heaven, Papa Swanson, Granddaddy T, Grandad H, and Papa G, Marvin's father. I was blessed with many fine men in my life!

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Love all the pictures! I especially love looking at the styles from yesteryear (and the hairdos!)