Monday, June 25, 2012

 We had a GRAND time in Birmingham yesterday! We sure do miss Margaret and Baylor even though they are only about an hour or so away! Here is Grandpa on the floor with Miss M. Believe me, at our age that is a sign of Grandpa's love!!
 "Come on Grandpa!"
 We had lunch with Grandpa's sister, Mina, and Gloria. Gloria is on the left in this picture. The Martins lived just around the corner from the Grimms in Savannah and Mina and Gloria have been friends since they were little girls. Mama G and Viola, Gloria's mom, were childhood friends also!  Gloria lives in Birmingham but plans to move back to Savannah when she retires.  Margaret kept calling Gloria, "Miss Glory". I thought that was so cute.
And here is Dad with Baylor and Margaret. An armload of love for sure!

Another big week ahead for Nana and Grandpa. We are looking forward to having dinner with Charles, Nancy and Halmuni( Nancy's grandmother) tonight at the Grimm home in Harvest, Alabama. Halmuni will be flying back to Connecticut tomorrow. And Kendall starts her second round of swim lessons this week. Please pray that she will learn to swim...she is so nervous about it. We are doing private lessons this week and next week.  I know it will be a big accomplishment for her when she masters swimming.  And the HOT weather has finally arrived in Alabama, there are rumors of 101 degree temps by the end of the week!! The Beach is looking better and better!!

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Dewilla Hooper said...

I'm glad you all got together! I know Mina was happy to be with all of you.