Monday, June 4, 2012

I have really enjoyed watching all the festivities in London honoring the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee. Sixty years on the throne is an accomplishment for any monarch. And Queen Elizabeth seems to be going strong despite being an octogenarian. BBC tv aired a program last night called The Diamond Queen and it was such an interesting program about a dynamic woman. Queen Elizabeth was a young wife and mother when she took the throne! How hard it must have been to take on royal duties when she had little ones. She had hoped that her father would reign for many years but it was not to be. With all that she had learned from her father and leaning on the advice of wise men, she stepped onto the pages of world history. One man commented that Queen Elizabeth has outlasted many of her advisers and has a wealth of knowledge about the workings of world politics. Many see her as a rather dowdy lady with a purse on her arm.(And by the way, I have always wondered what was in her handbag!) Most people would be surprised to find that Great Britain's ruler is quite savy on many subjects. It was noted on the tv program that The British Monarchy has a Facebook page. I will be going over there to LIKE it today! The queen reads every paper delivered to her in her  daily "boxes" from 10 Downing Street. She wants to be prepared for her weekly meeting with the prime minister. And speaking of Prime Ministers, her first prime minister was Winston Churhill. HRH has outlasted many PMs as well! The queen feels that God placed her on the throne and she has a duty to Him and to her people to do a good job. In an era where duty is considered a dirty word, it is refreshing to see it lived out in the life of Queen Elizabeth II. God Save the Queen!

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The Royals are always so interesting! I do miss Princess Diana. :(