Sunday, June 10, 2012

I thought I would share this picture of my three "babies" this morning as I am feeling rather sentimental. Yesterday I attended a baby shower for a young woman I have known since she was a little girl. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that all these younguns (as we say here in the South) are growing up and starting their own families. My young friend, Dana, and her husband have decided that they do not want to know the sex of their baby and would rather be surprised when he or she is born! Frankly, I do not know if I would have the will power to hold out!! When I had my babies, that decision was not open to me and we were surprised each time.  Dana's nursery will be done in a Noah's Ark theme that is appropriate for a boy or a girl. Everyone had a good time at the shower...lots of good food and fellowship!  Dana's sis in law, Lauren, came up with a cute shower game. She called out an animal and you had to say what that animal's baby was called...for is a joey.  We had fun and learned some new information to file away. And of course all of us Older Moms were amazed at all the great new gadgets that are available to modern mommies. My gift to Dana was something I had never seen before but it is a great idea. I got her two Swaddling blankets that have velcro closures so you can wrap baby up snuggly for sleepytime. As a nurse, I learned to Swaddle babies but some of the stronger babies can wiggle themselves out in no time...velcro might just be the answer. Dana told me that several of her friends highly recommended that type of blanket as it promotes a more restful sleep for baby. I think that babies like to be swaddled because it reminds them of the close quarters they lived in before arriving at their new home.:)  I am looking forward to finding out if Dana will have a son or a daughter. I am also waiting for a new grand niece in July. Her name will be Dorothy as she is named after her great grandmother but she will be called Dottie, a nice old fashioned name! And in August we will have a new grand nephew but the parents are not going to tell us his name until he arrives! So different strokes for different folks...that is what makes life so interesting.

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Time goes by too quickly, doesn't it? I am amazed at all the new baby items available. My daughter has some of those velcro swaddling blankets for Isaac and she loves them!