Monday, June 18, 2012

I took the day off from blogging yesterday. We had a quiet Fathers Day here at home. Marvin received several text greetings and he enjoyed eating some more of his Banana Pudding. I called my Daddy and chatted with him. Then both Marvin and I enjoyed a nap!! One of the best things about Sunday afternoon is naptime.

I am gearing up for a busy week. Today I will take Bubba to the pediatrician for his yearly check up. I am hoping that we will not have a long wait! If the kiddos are good we will get a Happy Meal for lunch.   Tuesday is our Library Benefit lunch featuring Mary Kay Andrews.  Wednesday, Lee and Lanier are stopping to spend the night with us. On Thursday, our Sunday School Class is doing a lunch for some young people at the Neighborhood Christian Center and I will be helping there, followed by my monthly book group at the library. Then TGIF...another Friday. It seems the weeks are speeding by as usual.  And somewhere in the midst of the busy ness, I have to find time to do all my regular chores. I am thankful that I am able to be so busy, it is really a blessing that many do not know!

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