Thursday, June 28, 2012

I was out for my walk at 5:40 am and it is not hot but not as cool as it has been on other mornings this week. We should reach 99 degrees today and 104 tomorrow. I am praying God will intervene and send us a shower to cool things down. I am grateful for an air conditioned home where I am able to ride out these sizzling temps but I realize others do not have that luxury.

Kendall had her second swim lesson yesterday and she did much better. She is learning to trust that Miss Anita is not going to let her go under! Another prayer request is that Kendall will learn to swim before her lessons are over next week.

On the agenda for today...lunch with my besties at Panera. We have not eaten there in quite a while. We would like to try the new Olive Garden some day soon but it just opened on the 19th and the place is STILL covered up at lunchtime. In fact, it seems people like to eat there all day long.:) And I have not made a TJMaxx run in a while so I hope to have time to stroll the aisles there. I am trying to stock up on things we will need at the beach so off to Publix for some of their great two for one deals. Kendall and Landon and I are counting down the days until we go to the BEACH. Every day Bubba tells me that he wants to go to the beach. I am hoping it lives up to his expectations.

Well time to get busy...on the days I do not have the grands, I try to catch up on my housework!!


Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

Now they are saying 107 tomorrow and Saturday. Gasp! Great seeing you today. Hope you had a nice lunch.

Mrs R. said...

Hooray for Kendall! I'll say a little prayer for her and her swimming endeavors. Bless her heart!

I did my chores yesterday when it was cooler. This weekend is due to be a scorcher. Glad you can stay cool inside. :)