Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Isn't this a lovely painting? I love to dabble in painting and it has been months since I have put my hand to the canvas. Kendall asked me yesterday, "Nana, when are we going to paint?" Kendall is my partner in crafts! We enjoy making things, painting, gluing and taping! Kendall painted a lovely butterfly last year and she wants to do a flower to go with it!!   I am glad that I can pass down my love of crafting to Kendall. Her mom was never really interested in crafts as a little girl so I did not push her to do any. Amelia did cross stitch one little sampler and declared that was enough for her! I am hoping Kendall will enjoy cross stitching too..then we can stitch together.

When I was a little girl, I loved reading biographies of colonial women...Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Molly Pitcher and Betsy Ross to name a few.  All these women as little girls were expected to learn to stitch by making samplers. Stitching samplers also taught the girls letters and numbers and most of all they learned patience and perseverance.  Mother often made Daughter take out stitches that were not up to snuff.  Maybe it would be good for all 21st century girlies to learn the patience of stitching!

And now I am off to have breakfast with a dear friend. She teaches school so we do not get to socialize a lot from September to May! And by the way, she is a crafter too....even has a craft room!!  Have a grand day friends!


Unknown said...

Is that a Rickie Higgins painting?

Arlene Grimm said... is. I saw it on his web site and had to save it as it just makes me happy to look at it. Love the colors!