Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nothing much to report today...the heat continues to be the main topic of conversation here in north Alabama. The high yesterday was is supposed to be hotter today!

Kendall finished her first week of swim lessons and she did much better yesterday. She could swim if she did not stop to think about it!! We have two more one hour lessons and if we cannot master it in that amount of time, then another two weeks of lessons once we get home from vacation. If you would, please say a prayer for her to master this skill. It is so important to learn to swim and I know it will make her feel better about herself! She has a two year old cousin who is already swimming and that gets her goat!

Another busy week ahead...swim lessons on Monday, daughter Amelia's 32nd birthday on Monday as well. Tuesday I am having some friends over to watch the movie, The Bad Seed. We have all read Defending Jacob and I want my fellow readers to see that the author of that book ripped  off the 1956 book, The Bad Seed.  The movie stars Patty McCormack as the evil child, Rhoda Penmark.  And let me just say, she was wonderful in that role!!! Some of the other acting was a bit heavy handed but it was a popular movie in its time. I was able to order the movie from Amazon for 4.95!!:) Popcorn and Coke will be served!  Wednesday is the 4th and we will be grilling ribs! ( Hopefully the temps will be more moderate by then...some rain may be in the forecast). Thursday is my regular Friend Day then Friday our last swim lesson and grocery day. But at the end of next week, we will start the countdown for our Tybee Island Vacay!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend....

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