Friday, June 22, 2012

 I want to share some pictures from nephew Will's graduation from officer training school.  He is now a second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Marvin said it was a very nice ceremony and lots of friends and family were in attendance to honor Will.
 Mom, Barbara, Brother, Douglas and Dad, William with the graduate. Will's other siblings, Maggie and Caleb were unable to attend as they are serving as camp counselors in Pennsylvania.
Uncle Marvin, Aunt Mina, Will and William.  It was a long day but Marvin was so glad that he was able to go to the ceremony. While Mina was traveling, she decided to visit an old friend in Birmingham so we will get to have lunch with Ben, Katy, Margaret, Baylor and Mina on Sunday.

And in other good news, Lanier's mom, Dottie, was moved to rehab yesterday. Hopefully after two weeks of therapy, she will regain some strength in her arms and legs. She wants to be able to hold her great granddaughter and namesake when she arrives in two weeks or so! Our niece, Sarah, is expecting a daughter who will be Dorothy Sykes Curry and will be called Dottie. That is a nice old fashioned name that you do not hear very often.

I had a good day yesterday...much was accomplished. I got lots of book recommendations at Book Group and I will share those with you tomorrow. Today I have Kendall and Landon and we are going shopping for some bathing suits to take to the beach. I want to get  matching suits for Kendall and Margaret and a set of matching suits for Landon and Baylor too. It seems that around July 4th, summer things are on the way out and fall things are already in the stores so we need to get bathing suits quick!! Also Kendall is taking some private swim lessons and she needs a one piece suit for swim school.
Have a great day friends!


Anonymous said...

Your nephew Will looks so distinguished! Please thank him for his service from us. {{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

And also I'm so glad that Dottie is doing a bit better!

Tracy said...

I have a Kendall, too, only he is a boy. And I live in south Alabama, not far from Gulf shores. What part of Alabama are you from? It's rare to find a fellow Alabama blogger. :)