Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We made it through our swimming lesson without too much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth! Miss Anita is a very calm and patient lady. You can tell she has been doing this for years as nothing rattles her and she knows all the tricks to getting little ones to cooperate.  I never learned to swim as a child and I was determined all my children would know how to swim and now, the grands need to learn as well. It is a valuable life skill.  If Kendall learns, then it will be Bubba's turn. If Kendall doesn't learn, then two more weeks of lessons for her after vacation.

We enjoyed a delicious meal at Charles and Nancy's home. Halmuni made one of my favorite dishes, slivers of lightly fried cod fish. We also had a very flavorful beef and it has a name but the Korean word escapes me at the moment. Halmuni has enjoyed her time in Alabama and is headed back to Connecticut today. Charles was glad to have her with them as Halmuni helped him keep his garden weeded. She is just a delightful lady and although she does not speak English, you can tell that she has a very sweet, Christlike spirit.

And this morning I am hosting my friend, Lori, for breakfast. Sausage and Biscuits along with Orange Mandarin Salad is on the menu. Lori and I have been friends for years but she teaches at Cornerstone Christian School so we try to make the most of the time she has off in the summer. There is a nothing like a friend who knows all your "history" and prays for you and your family. I am blessed that Lori is that kind of friend. We also enjoy talking "decorating" of us always has a project going on.

Today we will be trying to keep cool here. The hot weather that has been plaguing other parts of the US has arrived in Alabama. We were expecting 100 degree temps all week but a cold front may come in and give us relief(temps in the lower 90s!). So far the humidity here has not been bad and as all true Southerners avow, "Its NOT the Heat, its the HUMIDITY that makes it miserable in the summertime." Stay cool friends...wherever you may live!

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Mrs R. said...

I can sympathize with Kendall. I do not like the water (deeper than 4 ft). As a child, I had swim lessons but the instructors back then were not patient or kind. One would hold your head under if you didn't do what they said. Yikes - thus my fear of water!