Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well after a yummy breakfast with Lori, I was off to get my hair done. It is always a treat to have someone else, wash, trim and style your hair. I go to Kama Salon and Day Spa in Hartselle. It is such a nice salon...friendly staff and lovely atmosphere. From there I stopped at Dari Delight and picked up two chicken finget snacks and headed to my friend, Deborah's, house. She lives in Falkville, Alabama on a small farm and she has the best back porch ever. It has a great big swing, rocking chairs and ceiling fans. We spent some quality time visiting and eating. Back home,  I did some chores before Landon and Kendall arrived to spend the night with us. Another swim lesson is on the agenda for this morning.

If you will check my blog roll, you will see a new blog I came upon thanks to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. It is Dixie Delights...written by a Savannah native. Whenever people hear that Marvin is from Savannah they always want us to tell them some things to do while visiting the city. Well today Miss Dixie Delights shares her thoughts on visiting her hometown. I must say that my husband, Marvin, grew up in a modest Savannah home and as he puts it, "Before Historic Preservation, Savannah was not the pretty city it is today." After THE BOOK(Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) Savannah became an overnight sensation. Now Tybee Island is seeing an influx of tourists thanks to the movie, The Last Song. I thought I would take the time this morning to tell you what we like about Savannah. ( And our list will appeal to the budget minded tourists).

Ok, our favorite family restaurant in Savannah is Carey Hilliards. They have the BEST fried shrimp plate in Savannah. And if you have small children who are picky eaters, Hilliards has a menu that will satisfy all tastes. If you want a moderately priced fancy evening....The Crystal Beer Parlor is a good choice. My husband loves their scallops!  Our favorite breakfast spot is Sunny Side up...yummy breakfasts at a good price. And you cannot beat Krispy Kreme on Skidaway Road when the HOT sign is on!!  One of our favorite things to do is driving down Washington Avenue and around Ardsley Park. We just like looking at all the pretty homes and it is free except for gas!! There are many places to walk and "look" downtown but I must say that Parking can be a pain so be prepared. We are fortunate that our sister, Mina, has a family business on Whitaker Street and she and the Smiths(Smith Beauty and Barber Supply) allow us to park there if we need to do so.  River Street is nice but after you have seen it once, that is enough in my opinion. Although the pralines at Savannah Sweets are delish! City Market is another nice place to meander..we love the Ray Ellis gallery and have several of his prints in our home. Now, I am probably going to cause some people to get mad but forget Paula Deene's and go to Mrs Wilkes. The last I heard, Mrs Wilkes children and  grandchildren had taken over her Boardinghouse Restaurant.  It is located on Jones Street. They do NO ADVERTISING except word of mouth. You will see a line forming around lunchtime. Mrs Wilkes serves a large country cooking lunch, served around big tables boarding house style. You eat with whoever is next to you in line!!  Long ago when I was first married, I remember going there for lunch. Mrs Wilkes even came out and prayed before the meal was served. Be sure and check to see if they are still open....after the death of Mrs Wilkes, the restaurant was closed for a while. Leopold's Ice Cream Shop is another must to visit while you are walking around downtown. And if you are not used to heat and humidity, you will need some ice cream!  One of my favorite places in Savannah is Byrd Cookie Company. Lots of samples and a good place to buy gifts as well.  Just remember they are closed on Saturday! We love Tybee Island. It has changed a good bit in the 36 years I have been going there. When we were first married, there was NOTHING down there. A few small Mom and Pop hotels, Sugar Shack and an Arbys. It is still not as developed as many beaches are these days and I think that is a great part of its charm. Again, thanks to Mina and the Smiths, we were able to stay at their beach house which is part of the old Ft Screven.  Nowdays we rent out own place to stay and this year we are staying at a nice house on the Northern part of Tybee. We are not South Beach people. We like the peace and quiet of the north beach.  There are quite a few restaurants and shops at Tybee now and we are looking forward to a week visiting family!  If you have never visited Savannah, give it a try!!

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