Thursday, June 21, 2012

When I was growing up the motto at our house was "If nothing happens" as in " If nothing happens we will go on a picnic on Saturday" or "If nothing happens we will go to town tomorrow". Maybe it was our ScotchIrish background but nothing was considered definite at our house. We knew that if God had other plans, then His Plans superseded our own.  I was looking forward to seeing my brother in law and sister in law last night as they were going to spend the night with us. Their oldest son, Lee Jr, just finished his residency at UAB and Lee and Lanier had planned to attend a dinner in honor of all the young doctors who had completed their work at UAB. Well, only Daddy Lee got to attend the dinner as Lanier was at home with her sweet mother, who had a stroke early this week. It was just another reminder to me that none of us know what the day may hold for us. Lee decided he would drive to the dinner, then once it was over he would drive back home to Memphis. As Lee and Lanier were not visiting us, my Dear Hubs decided that he would take the day off and attend our nephew's graduation marking an end to his officer training school in the Army. So as I type this, Marvin is on the road to Columbus, Ga. Nephew Will is the first Grimm to join the service since Papa G served in WW2. Will was assigned to Artillery so we are hoping he might spend some time at nearby Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. It is amazing to think that just "yesterday" all these kiddos were little they are going out into the world to do big things. Brings a tear to an aunts eye! I would have gone with Marvin but I have several things going on here at home and since I have the curse of the competent, I did not feel I could put them off. At nine I will attend our planning meeting for next years MOPs group. What a lovely group of young women I work with at MOPs. They have enriched my life so much in the last year. They make me feel young again!! Then at noon, I will help serve lunch to some amazing young people who serve as volunteers at the Neighborhood Christian Center. And at one, I have my book group meeting, which is always one of the highlights of my month.  So a busy day here in Alabama. If you would, pray for Miss Dottie, Lanier's mom. She is a very spirited octogenarian and will work hard to overcome the effects of this stroke. Also pray for traveling mercies for all my family members who are on the road today!  I am thankful for praying blog friends!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Arlene, my you did have a very busy day!

I will certainly pray for Miss Dottie, traveling mercies, and your nephew Will.