Tuesday, July 3, 2012

96 was the high yesterday....much better than 106. God sent us some brief rain and cloud cover so we did not bake another day in the terrible heat.  At least we have power. I feel so badly for all those who had terrible storms that knocked down power lines. My brother in law and his family live in Charlottesville, Va and they have been without power since Friday. We were in the same boat after the 2011 tornados in April but at least our weather was cool after the storms.  We will be in the 90s all week but we are used to that in July and August!

Since we did not have swimming lessons, we had a slow Monday. The kiddos played and I got some cleaning and laundry done. I also ran out to get our ribs for the 4th. My hubs makes a mean country rib and I will be serving those along with hash brown casserole, baked beans and corn on the cob. We will be celebrating Amelia's birthday so we will also have some of her favorites, quacamole with chips and chocolate chip cookies. A cheesecake might also be on the menu.  Hoping Ben, Katy, Margaret and Baylor will be joining us. Baylor has had a fever so we are praying he gets better. Kendall and Landon really miss their cousins. 

And while I was out doing errands, I had to stop at BAM and check for Due or Die. They had one copy left so I  brought it home with me. I hope it is as good as Books Can Be Decieving.  Today I have more cleaning to do before some friends arrive to watch The Bad Seed. I may have to start some regular movie days here at the Grimm homestead during the summer. Movies are always better with friends.  And the popcorn is free here!!:)

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