Saturday, July 21, 2012

 We are back after spending a family vacay at Tybee Island, Georgia (formerly Savannah Beach!)We had a fun time with family. I just realized I have NO beach pictures...I did not want to get sand in our good camera. And I was too busy just enjoying the sun and sand. The grands loved making sand castles and playing in the surf.
 Kendall enjoyed playing with all her girl cousins and she finally got to meet baby Dora. Kendall just loves Rachel and her husband, Don, and could hardly wait to meet their sweet Dora.
 Marvin and I got to reconnect with one of our Sunday School Teachers from 30 years ago! Lillian and Jim Neal had a heart for young married people and made such an impression on me and Marvin. Jim passed away in April after complications from open heart surgery. We are so happy to know we will meet him in heaven one day.
 We spent some time reading Caillou Rides a Bike...Margaret's favorite!  Great Aunt Amy listened in as we read.
 Lots of good food and family time.
 Our little girlies...Margaret, our two year old granddaughter, Gabby, our four year old niece and six year old granddaughter, Kendall. Kendall plans to write some letters to her cousins!!
 Our nephew, Benjamin, prepared a pound cake for dessert.He and his wife, Ami, have a precious little house in Savannah. They have done a lot of rehab on it and it is darling.
 All the Grimm Men....Charles, Marvin, Ben, Edward, Douglas, William and Will.
 Believe it or not, Gabby is first cousin to all these old guys.:)
 Gabby and Kendall just Loved playing together.
 Not sure how these pictures got connected but the top photo is the Grimm Women...Barbara, Monique and myself! The photo on the bottom shows the grands playing together one afternoon.
And here are Grandpa and Bubba...alseep after a morning at the beach!

It was a good vacation but as usual I was glad to get home!! Nothing like sleeping in your own sweet bed!!

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Dewilla Hooper said...

The guys are always the ones who get knocked out with naps. I wonder what would happen if the females did that.