Thursday, July 12, 2012

Look what the UPS man left at my door yesterday!! The Guest Book is the newest novel by my blog friend, Marybeth Whalen. I was one of her lucky readers who was chosen to receive a copy of her book and I promised to read it and blog about it! I will also be handing out these pretty bookmarks to encourage others to look for her book. Thanks Zondervan Publishing for allowing me to promote this book.

Marybeth's blog has been on my blog roll for years! I cannot remember how I found her blog but when I first read her posts, I realized that we were kindred spirits. Marybeth is REAL in her blogs...she does not sugarcoat her life as the mom to six children! One of her latest posts was on Tatertot Casserole and her previous quest to be like Michelle Duggar. I had to smile. Tatertot Casserole would not fly at  my house either!!:) One of her posts that has really stuck with me was in regards to Mothers Day. She recounted a Mothers Day where her family had  put no effort into honoring her and she had a hissy fit. Now any woman who will own up to a good ole Southern Hissy Fit is my kind of gal. We all have those moments when we just come apart but if we learn something from it we can grow and move on. Marybeth shared that she had a big Hallmark Mother's Day pictured in her mind and when it did not happen she was truly devastated. Her point was that unrealistic expectations can only lead to disappointment. Learn to be like Paul...content in whatever circumstance you find yourself. That is a message I needed to hear as I often get caught up in the same trap!  I recently read an article in my Momsense Magazine, published by MOPs, that warned of ER moments. When we start comparing ourselves to people who we perceive to be richER, thinnER, smartER  etc. we fall prey to Satan's trap of discontentment! I am thankful for blog friends like Marybeth who encourage me to pick my self up after a fall and keep pressing on!

I have read both of Marybeth's previous books, The Mailbox and She Makes It Look So Easy. I enjoyed both books but She Makes It Look So Easy really hit home with me.  It is a book about two who seems to have it all together but does she???Appearances can be deceiving!!  I will be writing a review of the Guest Book and I am sure it will not disappoint.  Check out Marybeth's blog as well as her novels. Let's support our blogger authors!

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