Saturday, July 28, 2012

We are enjoying a lazy weekend here at home. I have spent some time this morning updating my books on Good Reads. I used to be faithful to record my reading but just let it slip by me recently. I enjoy seeing the books that my friends have read as well! A good way to spend a quiet morning. Next on my list is working in my kitchen. Keeping the grands has kept me from keeping my house up as I did in days past.  I remember that old cross stitch sampler, Cooking and cleaning can wait til tomorrow for babies grow up as I learned to my sorrow. I do realize that these are precious times that cannot be recalled and what better way to spend my time than in making memories with the little ones.  My cabinets need organizing and wiping down and the floor needs a good mopping. And we have a Sunday School Fellowship tonight...I made a chocolate cake to take and I have all my fruit sliced up for a fruit salad. I just need to assemble it before we leave. It is always fun to be with our Sunday School Friends. We have been together many years and we think of this group as Family.  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday!

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