Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome to the world, Dorothy Sykes Curry..."Dottie". Dottie is our newest great niece and arrived yesterday to join the Curry family of Trent, Sarah and Rob.  Dottie was named after her great grandmother, Dottie Barry, or Dot Dot as she is known to all her grands. 89 year old Dot Dot was there to greet her namesake yesterday and it was a happy day. Dottie was born on her Gigi's birthday (her great grandmother Grimm). It was a nice way to remember Mama G who would have loved sharing her birthday with this little one.  All are doing well so we thank the Lord for another addition to the extended Grimm family.

Speaking of the Grimm family, Marvin and I finally completed our family picture project and we have cds of old family photos to share with all the siblings next week! It was fun to look at pictures of Marvin and his brothers and sisters when they were little. I have some Tankersley pictures that I need to  put on cds as well. It is a labor of love.

And finally, we got some much needed rain last night. What a blessing that was!! Thank you God for giving our lawns and gardens much needed rain.

I have Kendall and Landon this morning...we are going to attempt to get Bubba a haircut. He is not very cooperative but I have promised a new "Thomas" train car or engine if he will be do not remember ever bribing my own children with anything but a spanking if they acted up. Nana is a softie compared to Mom. We will also look for some new flip flops for Kendall.  I am sure they will be pink and sparkly! Hopefully we will find a sale as the stores are already putting out back to school clothes. In the afternoon I am meeting some friends for coffee at Panera. That is my reward for being a good girl this week!!

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