Wednesday, August 22, 2012

 I am sharing my Boopie adventures today! As you may recall a friend(Maria) who sells antiques informed me that the glass ware that my mother gave to me was called Boopie. It was made by Anchor Hocking back in the mid 20th century. My mother and daddy received a set of these glasses as a wedding gift from my mother's Aunt Lois and Uncle Webb( or Auntie and Uncle as we called them). They were always "special" and I do not remember using them at all as I was growing up. But when I got married, I used two of them for our "wedding punch picture" so they are special to me. My mother gave them to me several years ago and they have a place of honor in my china cabinet.  I never really thought about any value they might have because they were precious to me! It turns out that they are not very expensive so I thought I might add to my Boopie Set.  Maybe one day I will pass on this set to Kendall and Margaret.
 I went to the Bank Street Antique Mall yesterday and purchased these candleholders from my friend Maria's booth. The Balls look like they are red but that is just the cherry wood shining through the glass.
I told Maria to be on the lookout for any other Boopie pieces she might come across and I will be looking for it as well. We have lots of antique stores in Decatur and Hartselle so I am hoping I can add to my collection. If you live in the North Alabama area, the Bank Street Antique Mall is a place you must visit. It is located on historic Bank Street and the Mall is located in an old three story building. Each floor is filled with great glassware, furniture, quilts etc..

While I was downtown, I went to my Tuesday Afternoon Book Group and came away with a list of books that might be right up my alley. One of the ladies  told us about  The Meryl Streep Movie Club by Mia March. I love Ms Streep and her chameleon acting abilities. She is a great character actress who can make any role come to life.( My favorite Meryl Streep movie is One True Thing.) The book is about an inn keeper who shows Meryl Streep movies each Friday evening with a group discussion following the movie. The discussions have quite an impact on some of her boarders. Sounds like a winning plot to me!  We always have a good time at our Book Group because there are so many ladies with varied reading interests.

Well I need to grab a cup of coffee before Bubba arrives. It is such a beautiful morning, we are going to the park to enjoy some sunshine. Have a great day Friends.

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