Monday, August 13, 2012

 We are back after a wonderful weekend in Memphis with Lee  and Lanier. We ate SO much I may need to walk about five miles a day for a while instead of my normal two miles per day!  I thought I would show you the Hostess Gifts I took to Lanier. (We took Lee some Conecuh sausage that is only made here in Alabama!)
 Lee and Lanier have seven grandchildren under three!! And they are expecting a new grandson today and another grandbaby in February. I saw these cute ornmaments on Pinterest and I knew Lanier would like to showcase her grands.( Nanas can never have too many things with the grands names on them!) I purchased the round wooden ornaments at Hobby Lobby and they were very reasonable, only 99 cents each! I also bought some scrap book paper...price depends on how fancy the paper is!  Instead of lettering them myself, I bought some scrapbook stickers with the alphabet in red. I had green and white acrylic paint in my craft room as well as Modge Podge so I was set to go. The ornaments came with a twine hanger but I cut those off and got this cute red ribbon instead. They are easy peasy to make, just sand off the rough edges of the ornament.( Since they are so inexpensive, they can be a bit rough.) Paint with your chosen colors. I went with white on the  body of the ornament then green pearlescent for the top. Once they are dry, use craft glue to adhere the scrap book paper to the front of the ornament. Allow to dry, then add the stick on letters. At this point I did three coats of modge podge, allowing the ornaments to dry completely between coats.  I added the red ribbon. I did use my awl to make the hole for the ribbon a bit bigger...just be careful that you do not make it TOO big!! The top portion of the wood can break so use care in this step. I added each child's birthdate to the back of the ornament, put each ornament in a sandwich baggy and put them in this cute gift bag along with some red tissue paper. I have learned that if Modge Podge gets hot, it can become sticky again so that is why I packaged the ornaments separately.  I am going to make some for my self next!! Lanier is going to do a grands tree so these will be perfect for displaying on that special Christmas tree.
 I also took my sis in law a little nativity set from Guatemala. We have some good friends who were missionaries in Guatemala and I have a similar set that Johnny and Maria got for me. Lanier saw it last Christmas and just fell in love with it. This summer the Cokers went back to Guatemala on a short term mission trip and I asked Maria if she could look for another nativity set. What good friends we have, she came home with this one just for Lanier! Isn't it precious? Lanier put it on the table with all her other treasures...her grands!
Here is a close up of the set...Merry Christmas in August!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for step by step directions on the ornaments. I think I could do that! :)

Mrs.T said...

Yes, thanks so much for sharing the directions. You did a beautiful job!