Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 I have to share this picture of my girlies...Amelia took it last week when Margaret was visiting. Landon did not want to join Margaret and Kendall as he was watching Rio!
And her is my big girlie on her first day of school yesterday. She was so excited to be going back to Barkley Bridge. It is hard to believe that she is in first grade.

I have a busy day today...first some cleaning here at the old homestead, then a trip to town to have lunch with a dear friend before heading to the library for our Book Group Meeting. I  enjoy this group of readers. I always come away from the meetings with a list of books to "look for". I am also planning a stop at the Bank Street Antique Mall. Another good friend has a booth there and she has some "Boopie" pieces that I want to look over. Since finding out that one set of glasses I own is Boopie I am on the hunt for more. I have been assured that it is very reasonably priced and I know it can only go up in value.

It is beginning to feel like fall here...I can tell the seasons are changing.  And I think when School starts, we are in the fall mood. My hubs was watching football on tv over the weekend (preseason football) and that always makes me think fall has arrived. I see lots more football weekends in my future!!


Anonymous said...

My goodness school starts early! The kids here don't go back until after Labor Day.

Arlene Grimm said...

Yes Mrs R....we do start school early and until this year we started about the second week in August. It is something to do with vacation breaks for the children through out the year. It seems that children today get many more breaks than we did!! Bubba will start preschool the Tuesday after Labor Day.