Friday, August 3, 2012

Here I am with my new "do". I may have a new stylist, we will see! She gave me some hints on styling it myself. I am going to try it but I have to say that seldom do I have any luck with making my hair look like it does when I leave the salon. She did suggest to me that I not fight the curl in my hair and to let it do what it wants to do. Why is it that all of us gals with curly hair want straight hair, while the girls with straight hair long for curly hair? When I was in highschool I longed to have straight hair like Marcia Brady and Laurie Partridge. I can remember some of my friends actually "ironing" their hair on the ironing board. That was when they were not rolling it on big (empty)orange juice cans. I guess we are all fickle!

I am looking forward to having breakfast with one of my favorite girls, Sara. Sara was in my two year old preschool class years ago and now she is headed off to Auburn tomorrow. As I got to know the family, I did some nannying for them and Sara and her brother, Drew, are like family to me.  It is hard for me to realize my Sara Bear is all grown up!

Then I will have the grands today too. Kendall and I are going to try to finish a painting she is working on for her mom. Meanwhile, I will be cleaning and cooking as we have some friends coming over tonight for dinner.  A busy day but a fun day! Hope you all have a great day too.

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Anonymous said...

Arlene, you look so pretty with your hairdo and in that beautiful blue! I can relate about styling hair. I just like to wash and let it dry naturally and that's it. I'm very low maintenance. :)