Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Isaac is in the news here in Alabama. I am watching the forecasts closely as Hubs and I are supposed to go to Gulf Shores for our anniversary week. Our plans are to leave Sept I am hoping that Isaac will not rain on my parade.

We had a great kick off  meeting at MOPS Friday. I really enjoyed seeing old and new is going to be a great year. I am hoping some of the other ladies post some pictures that I can borrow for my blog. I was so impressed with all the great themed food that the steering team came up with for our first meeting. Pinterest has really changed the lives of all who like to craft and cook.

I have added two new blogs to my blog roll. The first one is Creations by Michie(MaShay). Michie is the other new GOP(Grandmother of Preschoolers) at MOPs this year and I have enjoyed getting to know her. She is so creative. She sews and smocks the most beautiful things.

The second blog is What to Wear Wednesdays. Several of the ladies in our Sunday School Class were talking about how hard it is to find cute, modest clothing. Most of us are in our 40s and 50s but we want to dress stylishly. My friend, Alana, told me about a book called, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad. It is byShari Braendel.  Shari also blogs so I checked out her blog and decided to follow it for a while.  I wore a new dress to church yesterday and I got several compliments on it so I was feeling happy. I have found a designer that I like on QVC. Susan Graver is her name and she designs clothing that I feel comfortable wearing. It is so hard to find dresses so when she had some cute dresses on several weeks ago I ordered two! One in Black....can you have too much black? And one in what Susan calls, Kate Middleton Blue which is a deep sapphire blue. Now that I have silver locks, I like to wear deep rich colors to keep my fair skin from looking washed out.

As usual, Mondays are busy days for me, catching up with laundry and housework. Darling Bubba will be here soon too!! Gotta get some hugs from that sweet boy to get the week off to a good start!


Mrs.T said...

Thanks for sharing the new blogs with your readers. I checked them both out!

Hope you will still be able to proceed with your plans for Gulf Shores and that you will have a wonderful time!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks Mrs T!! Please say a prayer for our vacation plans. We are really in need of some down time together. This has been a challenging year in our family. I know you will enjoy Michie's blog....she is quite the seamstress and teaches smocking at Martha Pullen's school in Huntsville which is quite famous in the southeast.