Thursday, August 23, 2012

 Ok, I had to do a follow up to this morning's post by telling you that I took a trip to Ellijay, Georgia via my computer and found pictures of some of my ancestor's gravesites. And I made the trip while sitting on my corner of the sofa in my living room. I decided to see if I could find any pictures of my family gravesites on Findagrave. com. Ok...there really is a website by that name and thanks to people like me who like to visit cemeteries and document gravesites, there are records on Findagrave. I simply typed in
Farmer Orr.(And yes my great great great grandfather was named Farmer....surprisingly no one has kept that name going!) His stone is very old and it is hard to read the engraving on it.
 Next is Rosa Orr....wife of Farmer. Her real name was Rosalind....too bad it was shortened to Rosa!
 And here is the marker for my great great grandparents, Henry and Jane. My little grandson, Henry Baylor is named after my grandfather who was named Henry Clifford after his grandfather, Henry. Maybe future generations of the family will carry on the grand name of Henry. My son Charles is named Charles Clifford after my granddaddy, Cliff, one of the dearest men ever to walk this earth!!
And is a picture of Tails Creek Baptist Church today. I am always amazed at the vast amount of information that can be found ONLINE!! Check out Findagrave for yourself, you might just be surprised to see the final resting place of your own ancestors.

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Mrs R. said...

Arlene, that is so interesting. I've never heard of it before and I will certainly click on the link to "visit". :)