Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have a busy day planned for this last Wednesday in August! Landon and I go to "Meet the Teacher" at his preschool this morning. I went to orientation last night and I met both Miss Sherry and Miss Leslie, the three year old teachers.  I think they are going to be great teachers for Bubba. He tends to be shy until he gets to know someone so I hope he settles in after a few weeks of school. It looks like there are lots of girls in his class so I am also hoping he finds a little boy to be friends with this year.

I am also cooking dinner tonight so I have some prep to do. I am making grilled pork loin, one of our favorite main dishes. I found a really good recipe on grilling pork loin from the Cotton Country Too Cookbook. It was published by the Morgan County Junior League several years ago. The original Cotton Country Cookbook which was published in the late 60s is a MUST have cookbook here in Alabama. It is filled with wonderful recipes and tips for entertaining. Cotton Country Too has a more modern take on cooking and entertaining...more informal than formal. The Grilled Pork Loin recipe was submitted by a friend of mine and it really changed my thoughts on grilling pork loins. The secret is butterflying the loin and it cooks evenly and is very tender and not tough. I usually butterfly my meat in the morning, pour some marinade on and let it sit all day until I am ready to grill. I often marinate in Big Bob Gibson's White Sauce but today I am going Savannah Style with Johnny Harris BBQ sauce. It is my hub's favorite.  Another tip for grilling a medium sized pork loin is only grilling it about ten minutes on each side. In the past, I tended to grill the meat much too long, resulting in tough meat. After I grill it I use an Ina Garten tip and wrap it in foil for about 20 minutes before slicing it. Letting it rest is another tip for juicy meat. Also on my menu for this evening is Hash Brown Casserole, Different Slaw(also known as Asian slaw), sliced Cantaloupe, Rolls and a Weight Watchers Dessert. Our missionary guest is a diabetic  so I wanted to make something that was light and is a trifle made of layers of angel food cake, sugar free vanilla pudding, strawberries and Cool Whip.

On the Isaac Front, I am thinking we will be in the clear to head to Gulf Shores this weekend. I look forward to week of peace and quiet with my hubs, my books and my cross stitch for company.


Mrs.T said...

Your menu sounds yummy! You southern gals sure do know how to cook!!!

Will be praying for Landon as he settles in at preschool.

And am thankful to hear it looks as if you will be able to go to Gulf Shores. I've been praying, as I know how much you and your hubby need the time away.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for the prayers Mrs T. We do need a little break, especially with all the fall and holiday activities on the horizon! I enjoy cooking but I am not the cook my mother is!! She is well known in our hometown for her country cooking. I have prepared some things to take to the beach so we can eat in our condo as well as dining out. I know you are a good cook too...I always enjoy checking out your recipes!!