Thursday, August 16, 2012

 Here is our proud swimmer, Miss Kendall! She is finally mastering swimming.Thanks to all of you who whispered a prayer in her behalf!  She still prefers swimming on her back but as long as she can swim, I am happy. She has a great backstroke!
And here is our visitor, Miss Margaret. She is staying with us until Friday. We had a good first night together. She finished up the last of our Muddy's Cupcakes or Happy Cakes as she calls them! We spent the night on the trundle bed upstairs. Margaret was on the trundle and I was on the top bed. About four am I felt little arms reaching out for me and we both spent the rest of the night in the top bed. Precious times!!

Margaret and I are off to have lunch with the girls this morning, then an afternoon of errands and play.
I am so glad her parents are willing to share her with us!!


Mrs.T said...

Congratulations to Kendall! I have been praying for her!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks Mrs T....It must have been the prayer as for the former three weeks of swim lessons she was just not "into" it. It was truly as if a light switched on and away she went!! I am glad that God cares about all the things that concern us!!