Friday, August 10, 2012

 Lots of new goodies at my house yesterday.  I stopped by Books a Million and they were having a sale on the $3.99 children's books, buy two get one free so I picked up some Berenstain Bears for the Grands. Lately they have been enthralled by Brother and Sister Bear and their antics. I love the Berenstain Bear books because they always teach a lesson in character. Something we could use more of in this day and time! While at BAM, I spied the Celebrate Autumn magazine published by Hoffman Media. Hoffman Media publishes Victoria and Southern Lady, which are two of my favorite magazines. And when I got home from my errands, a package was waiting with two new Patch the Pirate cds for the grands to listen to in the car. Right now we have Patch the Pirate goes to Camp Kookawacka Woods. I love Patch but if I hear Camp Food one more time, I may go kookawacka myself.:) Now we have Patch in Outer Space and Kidnapped on I Land. My own children listened to Patch when they were little so all these songs bring back precious memories. I think Charles still has all his Patch "tapes" from his childhood...maybe he can find a cassette player so he can listen to them. My Majesty Music Package also contained a Christmas cd I ordered called "It's Christmas". I listened to a sample of it online and this cd offers beautiful instrumental Christmas music. If you are interested in some quality sacred music, check out Majesty Music online.
And here is my mesh Pumpkin made by Amber! It is sitting in a Cracker Barrel Rocker so that gives you an idea of its dimensions. It will go on  my back door, heading out to the garage.  It will brighten my kitchen area and I will see it and enjoy it every day.

No big plans for today. Kendall and Landon are coming as usual. I have a little craft to finish up and I need to get my house in order before leaving for a weekend in Memphis. We are looking forward to seeing our new grand niece, Dottie, and visiting with brother and sister in law, Lee and Lanier. I am also hoping to get some delicious Muddy's cupcakes while I am in the River City!!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful pumpkin! I am eager for Autumn!

Arlene Grimm said...

Me Too Mrs is all I can do to keep from hanging it up right