Thursday, August 23, 2012

Several of my cousins have posted some interesting pictures this week on Facebook and I thought I would share them here on my blog.  One of my Tankersley Cousins, Ray Langley, shared this picture of Tails Creek Baptist Church in Ellijay, Ga. It is the church that my Tankersley and Orr family members attended.  My branch of the Tankersley family journeyed across Fort Mountain to settle in Chatsworth(Murray County), Georgia.  Being an amateur genealogist, I have long wished to head over the mountain to see this church and get pictures of burial places of my ancestors. I am sure that the church looks very different today! I know that many of the old wooden churches were destroyed by fire or torn down and new buildings took their places.  I just love this picture of all the members arriving for a Sunday Service. Ray assures me that some of our kinfolk are present in this photograph.
Another young Tankersley cousin, David Hooper, shared this beautiful picture and he titled it Sunrise over Grassy Mountain.  Many of my family members live in the Cool Springs Community of Murray County and it is a pretty valley at the foot of Grassy Mountain and Fort Mountain. I grew up surrounded by the beauty of the mountains but I admit I took it for granted until I moved away.

So I am in a reflective mood this morning as I think of the blessings of a godly heritage. I think my interest in genealogy has really given me an attitude of gratitude as I look back at all the faithful Christians in my family line.  Many of my ancestors were Presbyterians from Northern Ireland( My late Baptist Grandmother would faint! I do not think she knew about that as she was not interested in genealogy!) One branch of the family started a Moravian church in Bethbara, NC. A branch of my Henderson family was Episcopalian. I am glad that their faith was so important to them that records of it are left behind for descendants like myself to find and be encouraged in our own faith.

Off to meet the BFFs for lunch today, that makes Thursdays a special day for me! Have a blessed day!

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Love the picture, especially the old cars :)