Friday, August 24, 2012

 I thought I would share some great cross stitch tools with you today. In the last two weeks I have been doing a lot of cross stitch. If I get in a cross stitching MOOD, I can get a lot done!! I have to say that Q snaps make stitching so much easier. What an improvement on the old embroidery hoop. Basically Q snaps are pieces of small plastic rods, similar to PVC and the "snaps" clip over the rods to hold your fabric in place. They hold the material taut without leaving creases!
 Last week when I visited Cross Stitch Peddler, Marlene showed me this new product. It is fabric that stretches around the Q snap making it easier to hold and it also keeps your cross stitch material clean!  One of the things I like about this gadget is that you can tuck extra material into the little pocket and it stays out of your way while you stitch. Those are little things to most people but if you are a stitcher, it makes the hobby much more enjoyable. The only down side is that my clip on magnifier does not "hold" on to the Q snaps as well when I use my pink cover.  And at my age, I have to have my magnifier to cross stitch on linen.
Here is my latest project. Sis in law, Lanier asked if I would cross stitch her granddaughter's name so that she could get it framed for the nursery. I had several girly patterns so Lanier and Dottie's mom, Sarah, looked through them and choose this old pattern from 1979! It was easy to stitch and I plan to get it in the mail to Lanier next week. I cannot wait to see it framed and hanging in Dottie's nursery. Last night I started a "fall" cross stitch that will take me quite a while to do. I love working with the rich autumnal colors in my new project. It is always a pleasure to see the pattern come to life on the linen.

Today is also a kick off meeting for MOPs....I am looking forward to seeing the girls and I will be giving this morning's devotion. TGIF!!!


Anonymous said...

So pretty!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks Mrs R.....