Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well I have been reading my way through the Tudor series and I have had to take a break and read something light and fun to shake up my brain a bit! I finished The Queen's Fool as well as The Virgin's Lover.  The Queen's Fool was quite good. It is the story of a young Jewish girl who has fled the Spanish Inquisition. In London, she is introduced to the ailing young King Edward and she becomes his wise fool. Apparently the kings and queens had fools who were funny and fools who were serious. The Serious Fool was also known for their ability to see things others did not see.  Hannah Green predicts the death of young King Edward and goes on to become the Wise Fool to his older sister, Mary, when she takes the throne.  As usual, there is fiction among the historical bits as is usual in historic novels but it is a good read. The Virgin's Lover was the story of Elizabeth the First and her love affair with Robert Dudley. Of the Tudor Series, this is my least favorite book so far. Elizabeth and Robert are both out for number one and neither of them comes across as likable. By the end of the book, I was just skimming along. I have two books left to read, The Other Queen, which is about Mary, Queen of Scotts and The Boleyn Inheritance, which is about the Boleyn line after Anne Boleyn's death.

As I said, I am taking a break from the Tudor novels and reading some "fluff" as we call it in our Book Group. I am reading Plaster and Poison by Jennie Bentley. It is a mystery series set in Maine. Now I ususally love cozy mysteries set in New England but this one is not keeping my attention so I may just put it aside and read something else. Thanks to Paperback swap and the Book Sale Room at the library I do have some books to chose from!  And with the holidays on the horizon, I think my leisurely reading will be cut short. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week!! Where has this year gone?

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"Plaster and Poison" don't sound too fluffy to me! :-)