Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I took some time yesterday to refurbish one of my old Christmas wreaths...It has sparkly lights but I forgot to turn it on before I took the photo.  I found this G at Hobby Lobby and I saw a similar design on Pinterest. I used gloss enamel paint on the letter to make it "shiny"  My red and green ribbon also has polka dots imprinted on it so this wreath is just Dotty!!

I also took time to address Christmas cards yesterday. Kendall helped me by "stamping" our address on each card. She did a great job. Then Bubba wanted to help and lets just say he needs to work on his style.:) When Grandpa got home from work, he helped Bubba play Thomas the Tank Engine on the pc upstairs and Bubba has mastered the mouse. He was one proud little boy!! Now he can play Thomas all by himself.

I hope to get some more Christmas gifts wrapped today. My daddy is not doing well and I would like to ask all the prayer warriors out there to lift up a prayer for him this week.

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