Friday, December 14, 2012

In a galaxy far far away, I taught two year olds at Central Weekday School here in Decatur. I was there for ten years and I still remember all my little ones from those sweet days. I keep up with them as much as possible through their mother's facebook pages and the honor rolls that are printed in the Decatur Daily. But what a surprise at Margaret's third birthday party to get to see three of my former students.  They are friends of Margaret's cousin, Tollie, and they came with her to the party at the park.  I had to get a photo!

From left to right is Laura Leigh, Bentley, Anna and Tollie. Tollie went to another preschool so I did not have her in my class but the other three were all my students. It was so fun to see those little two year old faces growing up into teenagers!!

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