Thursday, December 6, 2012

 You may remember that I am on a quest for more Boopie glassware...well thanks to my friend, Maria, my collection is growing. I started with six glasses that my mother received as a wedding gift from her Uncle Webb and Aunt Lois. My sister, Leta, recently found two more glasses at an estate sale so now I have eight glasses!!
 Maria and her husband, Johnny, have a booth at the Bank Street Antique Mall here in Decatur and she told me that she had two Boopie candle holders.  I purchased those back in the fall.
And now I have ten dessert glasses thanks to Maria and Johnny.  They were in Pensacola, Florida for Thanksgiving  and while they were there they did some 'antiquing'. They were at an estate sale when Maria spied these dessert glasses. Once the Cokers were back home, Maria emailed me with a picture of the glasses and asked if I would be interested. Now that was a silly question.:)   I just love the pretty Boopie glassware, the name alone makes me smile. But adding to some special glassware that was my mom's is just a joy!


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of Boopie glassware. They certainly are pretty though.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

They were an inexpensive glassware made by Anchor Hocking in the forties and fifties Mrs R. I just love that name...Boopie. So fun.:)