Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today is the day that all the Christmas decorations come down and we put our house back to normal. It is not as much fun to put it away as it is to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. As I get older, I am finding that I may have to begin to do all the decorating in stages....when I was younger I could knock it out in one day but that was in the good ole days!! When Marvin and I celebrated our first Christmas together, the only decoration we had was our Christmas tree set up in front of the window in our basement apartment. Of course no one could see our tree as it was the BASEMENT and the apartment was located at the back of our landlord's home.  But I did find out that Marvin and I had different opinions on how long the Christmas Decorations should "stay up". In my home, we took down the Christmas Tree the day after Christmas. Back then we always had live trees and after two weeks, my mother was ready to be done with the mess of watering and sweeping up falling greenery.  But Marvin's family kept their Christmas going through New Years. So he got aggravated with me when i wanted to put everything away a day after Christmas. Now we compromise and it stays up for several days after Christmas.

Since it is a rainy, dreary day here, I plan to take advantage of being stuck inside by getting my house in order. In some ways, I enjoy taking down all the glittery decorations and getting back to normal. I find that January is a good month for cleaning and decluttering. A new year with new beginnings including a nice clean house. I have some company coming the second weekend in January so I plan to give my guest room a good cleaning so it will be ready for Lee and Lanier's visit.  Being a creature of habit, I also look forward to getting back to my regular routine on January 3rd.  So what are your plans for the New Year?

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Dewilla Hooper said...

Yes, our families have always kept our Christmas things up until after Epiphany on January 6th, which is the 12th day of Christmas. Maybe you could wait a little later to put yours up, and then you might be more willing to leave it up longer for Marvin! I didn't finish all of my decorating until right before Christmas. I put things all over the house this year, even stuffed animals in the bathroom! Rachel suggested that I decorate the Secretary, so I did. It looks nice. I'm glad you all had a good Christmas!!