Monday, December 17, 2012

We had a nice quiet weekend at home. I was able to make lots of goodies to take to my sweet neighbors.  I made up some REAL Chex tastes so much better than the Chex Mix in the bag!!  Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and a new treat which is Bugles dipped in Chocolate are now stored in tins in my kitchen.  I also made a batch of Pecan Pie mini muffins which is one of my favorite treats. And my friend, Susan, found me a copy of All of a Kind Family Downtown for seven dollars!! I was so excited!!

Saturday evening we were off to our Sunday School Christmas Party. Oh My Goodness...all the yummy food that was spread out on Amy's dining room table!! Good bye Diet!  After enjoying the treats we played Dirty Santa and shared many laughs. Marvin got a beautiful blue platter and I got some kitchen utensils! There was a Victoria's Secret Santa Apron that caused quite a few 'steals'.

Sunday morning was church then lunch at Dot's Soulfood Restaurant. Dot's has the BEST fried chicken in North Alabama.

Since it was such a dreary rainy Sunday, we came home to rest and take naps...the perfect ending to a weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Arlene, homemade Chex mix is SOOO much better than what you can buy. The bagged stuff is so salty, in my opinion.

I can't imagine what a VS Santa apron would look like. Yikes! :)