Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bright and early Friday morning, Marvin and I left Decatur, Alabama on our way to Decatur, Ga to have one last lunch at what has been "our place" since we started dating in 1975.  Marvin was a student at Georgia Tech and I was a student at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing when we met in the mid 70s. Everybodys was The Place to get a good pizza back then. And back in those days, Pizza,  Salad, Beer and Soft Drinks were the only things offered there. Over the years it has changed to include all sorts of sandwiches etc. But our favorite meal was the Everybodys Special...a thick homemade crust with all sorts of veggies and pepperoni piled high covered with cheese. When one of my Atlanta friends gave me the heads up that Everybodys was closing on March 19th...we knew we had to make one last trip to say goodbye to our dear friend. When we arrived, the place was buzzing. Our waitress told us that it had been like this since the announcement of their closing. I think there are a lot of people who will be sad to see it go. We settled in and ordered a large Everybodys Special and we got one to bring home as well. We intend to enjoy our pizza to the last bite!!  Marvin and I both noted that when we are at Everybodys we feel young once again. We go back in our minds to the people we were when we first met...then dated and finally married. We lived in Atlanta for about four months after we married before moving to Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  In those first newlywed days, we went to Everybodys once a week for supper. Over the years, when on our trips to Savannah, we would stop at Everybodys. We introduced all three of our children to this restaurant and Everybodys will always have a special place in our hearts. As C S Lewis so eloquently put it, Life is a series of partings. One thing I am finding as I get older is that you have to adjust and move on with the times. It is a part of life and while some sweet things may be taken away, there are always new places and people to get to know. Good bye Everybodys! It was nice knowing you.

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Dewilla Hooper said...

I'm glad that you got to go to your favorite place. Memories of special places are important. You are lucky to have been able to travel back to Atlanta to remember the good times.