Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I received my Gooseberry Patch cookbook in the mail the other day! I got a complimentary copy as I have a recipe in GameDay Fan Fare.  My recipe is for Sausage Grits Casserole. I guess it is a good tailgating breakfast dish. Frankly, I have never tail gated in my life.( I know I am from the South where football reigns supreme but I only went to the games, did not have friends who invited me to tailgate).  Tailgating is a big thing all over the United States as fans gather at various campuses for game day. My friend, Deborah, told me about the amazing tail gating parties at Ole Miss. Deborah's daughter attended college there and Deborah says that the Mississippi fans go all out. They have elaborate table settings including silver service pieces and candlelabras.

Back to my recipe, I have shared it on my blog and it is a good make ahead breakfast dish. I got the recipe from my friend, Karen. She makes it frequently for our Sunday School Class on Sunday mornings. Looking through this cookbook, I see several interesting recipes to try out. Thanks Gooseberry Patch for my new cookbook!

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