Tuesday, March 26, 2013

 Since this is Holy Week, I wanted to share some Easter decorations this morning. My friend, Susan, sent me the picture of this Easter Craft. I was too late to start my grass this year but next year, I am hoping to make one of these with Kendall. You use the saucer portion of a clay pot for the base, add some dirt and pebbles. The Tomb is a small clay pot . Plant some grass seed in the dirt and add the crosses, easily made with small sticks. All that is left is a big rock...I was thinking I might paint, He is risen! on my rock when I do this craft. This would be great to do with children as it is so meaningful.
 Now, I did not make this little lamb, but I found it at Pier One last week when I went in there to kill some time while waiting on friends for lunch at nearby Steak and Shake. It is always dangerous for me to go to Pier One with a little money in my pocket. They had all their Easter things marked down 20% so I got a good bargain!  He is so sweet that I might just keep him out year round.
And these I did make! This was our Easter Craft in MOPs on Friday. If you would like to learn how to make them, check out my friend, Jenn at Sweet Tea Makes Three. She did a great tutorial this morning on this project. You can find her on my blog roll. And Jenn also does our MOPs blog, and you can see some pictures of the ladies in action making their Easter Eggs. That blog can also be found on my Blog Roll.

I will be MIA again tomorrow. I am going to have my Birmingham Babies with me overnight and then my Hartselle Honeys will be joining us tomorrow so Nana will be super busy. But you can bet there will be pictures of all my sweeties posted in the days to come!

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Anonymous said...

Love those crafts, Arlene! I'm behind on crafts lately. Thank you so much for your Easter card & catalog. They made my day!