Monday, March 18, 2013

 OOps...loaded this one by mistake and I am too lazy to start over as I am in a bit of a rush this morning!! I do like this picture of me and my honey.
 On our way home from Atlanta on Friday, we stopped in Bham to see our sweet grands. Of course, Nana always brings presents! Baylor loved his book.
 Even though the kiddos have an ipad to play with, they love my phone. I guess Nana has some silly games in addition to educational ones. They love Ben the talking dog!!
Margaret was being a bit of a phone hog but Baylor was right there watching her every move. It is amazing to me how these little ones already know how to work ipads and iphones. Baylor plays puzzles on the ipad like a pro!!  And I got a few "movies" of Margaret singing North Star and You Are My Sunshine. Love being a Nana.

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