Monday, April 1, 2013

 Here comes Peter Cottontail but he is driving this year. All that hopping wore him out! Thanks to my friend, Deborah, for making this sweet bunny for me.  He had a place of honor on the table Saturday when we gathered for our Easter Dinner.
 And here is an idea I shamelessly stole from Martha Stewart. She put egg candies in small bowls on her Easter table for decoration.
 The main table, set with Mama G's china as well as the Boopie Glassware that I am collecting. My mother received Boopie glasses as a wedding gift and she passed them on to me.
 Caramel Cake....
 The Dessert Buffet...
 Kendall setting out the placecards that she made for everyone.
 Baylor enjoyed a birthday recently and he is still getting presents.
 Bubba cannot decide if he would rather play with the ipad or look at his bag of goodies from Uncle Charles and Aunt Nancy. Charles and Nancy also brought Lindt truffle Easter Eggs for Nana and Grandpa...yum.
 Katy, Margaret and Baby number three!! That is right, we are getting another grand at the end of November. Yippee!!
 Enjoying the loot.
Charles and Nancy....Nancy with her Dunkin Donuts coffee!!

What a wonderful day we had glad that God sent his only Son to die for me! It was a happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Your carmel cake looks soooo good! And your Easter as well. :-)